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Registration: Only For Confiscation

Registration is never used to prevent crime. It is so infrequently used to prosecute criminals the cases where it has been used can be used to show and exception to prove the rule. Registration HAS been used to confiscate guns, … Continue reading

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Small Crews, and the Failure of Gun Control

In New York City, the current capital of Gun Control in America: There are more than 300 of them in New York – violent crews of dozens of 12- to 20-year-olds with names such as Very Crispy Gangsters, True Money … Continue reading

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Why Do You Need Large Magazines?

Because predators can hunt in packs! Authorities say one person has been killed and three others are hurt after what is believed to be a gang-related shooting on a street in Toledo. Police say that a group of about 10 … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” School Bus

This one is a sad one! The mother a six-year-old Louisiana boy who was killed by his school bus when he bent down to tie his shoes says she forgives the driver and doesn’t blame her for the horrible accident. … Continue reading

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Media Fuel of Spree Killers

Yankee Marshall says it best: Now I won’t lie, I watched a bunch of this loser’s videos, and I skimmed his lame-ass manifesto. I do this for the same reason I read anti-gun blogs, twitter feeds, and pinterest accounts. I’m … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: False Reality

This would be a compelling argument…if it was true: Both sides have a similar recursive argument. The pro-gun side notes that gun control empowers criminals and makes us less safe, which results in more bloodshed and the antis use this … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Soccer

Of all the sports related deaths, those surrounding Soccer seem to be the most common. A footballer has died from an injury suffered on the pitch following a horror challenge during an Indonesian Premier League match. Persiraja striker Akli Fairuz … Continue reading

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A Very Special Episode of Handgun Radio

So I pitched this idea to Ryan long before my first appearance on Handgun Radio, it’s been a popular subject on gun-related podcasts. What is it like to own guns in Massachusetts? Most of you readers probably know the gist … Continue reading

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This weekend was my Mother’s Birthday, LaWeer’da was referred to as her “Big Present” It was a fun weekend in Maine! Thought you’d all enjoy some more baby pictures!

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Propaganda peices

Sometimes you have to be amazed at the amount of blind faith anti-gun people have in their failed ideology: That is what finally happened with REDACTED, 22, after six more innocent people were slaughtered, the last four — including the … Continue reading

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