And Today Ferguson Burns Again

Thankfully the riots appear to mostly contained in Ferguson, but there are protests everywhere. I’m glad to be home with the baby today, still my wife is working in Boston. I’m not so concerned that I would advise her to work from home, still all it takes is a few rabble rousers to turn a peaceful protests with some racist anger into a full-on riot.

Still I’m deeply saddened that after the grand jury refused to indict, which is VERY telling about the amount of evidence against the media narrative that Michael Brown was gunned down in cold blood, that this is the end result:

This is NOT about Michael Brown, I think the evidence shows that he was a thug, and a criminal, and if Officer Wilson didn’t shoot him somebody else probably would have done it.

This is all about race, and about anarchy. The black community has been coddled for so long that no claim of “racism” is too ridiculous, and fantasies of a white patriarchal society exists that preys on blacks for nothing but sport, and that looting and violent anarchy is an acceptable behavior.

Also I wonder about Ferguson as a city. How many times can you burn a place down before people decide not to rebuild?

Be safe out there!

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  1. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    I have boundless contempt for Al “if I were white I’d be a Grand Dragon” Sharpton and the rest of the Poverty Pimps. That said, I think Radley Balko has made some good points about how some localities, with Ferguson being a nasty case in point, apparently view the poor as cash cows for petty fines. So, on one side they have been coddled, but it is the coddling granted to lambs that will be regularly sheared, and whose actual well being is purely a secondary consideration.

    The Democrat machine treats the poor, and especially the brown poor, with contempt, and when they get understandably riled about it tell them they are angry at a largely fictitious class of Evil White Republicans who are Holding Them Down.

    It is largely the Democrat Establishment that is holding them down. It is almost always the Democrat Establishment that is raping them while they are held down. It is certifiably agents of the Democrat Establishment that tells them they ENJOY being raped while held down.

    So, yup, they are coddled, in the sense of eggs that are cooked in water carefully held just below the boiling point.

    Someday the poor brown people are going to get seriously fed up with this crap, and my hope is that, before those of us who haven’t been sucking their blood have to put a stop to it for our own safety, they manager to tear the Western Intellectual Progressive Swine who have been using them for decades into strips.

  2. ASM826 says:

    “How many times can you burn a place down before people decide not to rebuild?”

    One. That’s all it takes.

    Look at Detroit. They never rebuilt. Everyone who could afford to fled the city. Chain stores moved away, no one replaced them. Privately owned businesses close up. Once it starts, it cascades. Even if your business didn’t burn, the lack of paying customers forces you to accept defeat.

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