Another Joan Peterson Fisk

This latest post from Joan is hardly her most coherent, still the amount of foolish talking points and irony just BEGS a fisk!

We are not having a rational national discussion about the role of guns and the problem of gun violence in America.

Well WE are having lots of conversations about guns and gun violence. Just anti-gun lobbyists such as yourself have recused yourself from this discussion. Joan heavily moderates her comments and routinely bans people for being pro-gun in her comments, and tells others to “Go Away”. She also plays the victim card when pro-gun people attempt to have a discussion with her in person during her public appearances.

And then there’s this!

The article went on to describe a campaign by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America requesting that a billboard advertising an assault rifle, as if it was as American as apple pie and baseball, be taken down.

Yep, no first Amendment to the antis, and further, no discussing the gun issue! Also have a look at the Mom’s link she supplies, it closes with this video:

“No More Silence”….as they’re trying to silence people! Irony is TOTALLY lost to them!

Whenever a national discussion occurs, like it did after the Sandy Hook school shooting that horrified the nation, it becomes irrational in a hurry. The gun rights extremists refuse to contemplate a country where stronger gun laws co-exist with rights to own guns.

I concur with the first part! Hell just look at the bills they always float! After Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Capone, Nelson, and other criminals shot up people with stolen guns, or hired corrupt cops to shoot people with machine guns they made it punitively expensive for the average citizen to own a machine gun. The people they stole, or hired still can have them at market price. Seem rational? After MLK and Kennedy were shot, they passed a law that banned mail order firearms, and licensing of gun dealers…which wouldn’t have slowed down Oswald or Ray. Seem Rational? After Reagan and James Brady were shot, they passed a law requiring background checks for firearms purchases…which Hinkley would have passed. Seem Rational? Later the Brady Campaign pushed a federal “assault weapon” and magazine ban. Brady was shot with a 6-shot .22 Revolver. Seem Rational? Now in the wake of several mass shootings where the firearm was either stolen or legally purchased from an FFL they want to expand background checks to all sales and transfers. Seem Rational?

As for contemplating a country with stronger gun laws, yeah that’s what we’re discussing in these discussions where you don’t want to play, Joan. We talked it over, and we gave it a long hard thought. We aren’t buying it, and we don’t like you laws.

Seems the antis don’t want to contemplate that, certainly they spend an awful lot of time saying “NRA is a Paper Tiger” and “99% of all Gun owners support us!” while they get laughed out of the room by the vast majority of Americans.

Again, Irony totally lost.

A gun nut is someone who reacts poorly to the idea of following the “well-regulated” portion of the Second Amendment. Gun nuts are angry, vitriolic, slightly (or not so slightly) paranoid, and believe the government and liberals are coming to take all their guns. They hoard guns and ammunition, like they are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, and think anyone who supports better gun laws are the zombies.

Well we reject the improper interpretation of “Well Regulated”, can you blame us? Also we’re “paranoid” because we’re concerned about government confiscations? Its happening right now! Its happened in the past, and Joan openly wants it in our future. (again, Irony)

Further, the hoarding of Ammo? I buy my ammo in bulk! Every time I left a gun shop I’d generally have 500 rounds of .22 as well as whatever else I was buying…sometimes I’d just kick the tires of the guns on the racks then walk out with my brick of .22. Now that ammo is REALLY scarce, I’m glad I did that! About 8 years ago I bought a case of large pistol primers. I was kind of reluctant to spend that much money on primers, but it was a mail order and it was the smallest amount that made the Hazardous materials handling fee seem economical. Its been YEARS since I’ve seen a whole case of primers in one spot, and they’re over TWICE the cost.

I hoarded ammo, and it turns out I was right! That’s not “Paranoid” that’s SMART!

You can read the screen shot for yourself but here is the comment in question: ” Evangeline Valhalla. Maybe YOUR kids need to be killed before you understand why we own firearms… it would be well deserved”. Now I ask you if a rational gun owner wrote that comment. I ask you if a rational human being wrote that comment. The word gun nut is used by this writer because stuff like this is just plain nuts. It is also threatening and boorish.

I agree with Joan, that comment IS threatening and boorish, and I don’t stand behind this person. But Joan doesn’t talk about the countless anti-gun people who have suggested that maybe I’d change my tune if MY family was killed. Some of these people are in pretty high places, and you don’t see the antis say “Woah, that’s Boorish, threatening, and irrational!”

One needs to wonder why it’s necessary to lie?

Do you READ your blog, Joan? Hell she even closes with a repetition of “We need to have a discussion”.

Again, Irony, TRUCKloads of it!

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2 Responses to Another Joan Peterson Fisk

  1. me says:

    Joan Peterson, and many other would-be Stasi blockwardens make boorish threats against us online, and then are shocked–shocked, I tell you!–that some of the persons they have threatened respond in kind.

    They’re using the Alinsky playbook. They’ve been using it since 1968 or thereabouts. The problem with this is that Alinsky wrote with the unstated, apparently unexamined assumption that the evil, evil conservatives he so despised would just keep on responding politely to libel, slander, and out-and-out death threats forever. That’s the funny thing about Gramscian social Bolshevism. When you start with the stated goal of bring about The Revolution by tearing down all social norms willy-nilly, and you scorn simple civility as part of that “cultural hegemony” that you intend to destroy, well–maybe you should prepare for unforeseen consequences. When your playbook says that victory goes to the side that’s willing to go further, to discard integrity, to discard foolish, outdated, hypocritical ideas, like the concept that the game has rules and there are lines that you can’t cross–well, future generations, if we are fortunate, may have the opportunity to record that some object lessons got taught that explained why those rules exist and why you don’t cross certain lines.

    Me, I am not sanguine. I’ve given up on “dialogue.” I’ve given up on “honest conversations” with people like Joan Peterson and David Guth who openly state that they want me dead. I’ve given up on politics and politicians. I’m convinced that there’s going to be another civil war in this country. I’ve accepted that and I’m at peace with it. Because I know who has the guns. And it isn’t them.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Great comment, but I note one thing. “Conservatives” was exactly who the “Progressives” got a foothold on. Am I a Conservative? Well given that I want to liberalize gun rights including letting many Felons keep them, minorities, and even “Progressives”, I want to end the “War on Drugs”, I’m fine with Gays enjoying every privilege that straight people enjoy (and no more). I’m for scrapping the US Tax code for a user-based system.

      I’m pretty liberal, as far as people like Thomas Jefferson would describe the term, and so I don’t fit the mold that Alinsky and other “Progressives” were fighting against. And people like-minded with me are growing in the political sphere. Sure many of them are CALLED Republicans, but they don’t play by the same rules that say a Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich, or a Pat Buchanan does.

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