Anti-Rights Hatred and Ignorance

While I’m the guy who reads all the anti-gun blogs I can find for sport, sometimes even I am amazed at the amount of vitriol I find sometimes.

Have a look at this piece, is it any surprise that this amount of hatred is born out of pure ignorance?

Kudos to the NRA. In a week of horrible news, including Ferguson, ISIS, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the National Rifle Association took top honors for disgustingness with but a single tweet, encouraging children to come to the gun range. No small feat, taking the top horror honor these days.

Ahhh, yes, the NRA, a non-partisan gun rights organization getting chastised for only talking about the issues relevant to the organization and it’s members. Foreign Policy and domestic unrest are issues for other groups, and I’m glad the NRA isn’t dipping it’s toes in those waters. They have NOTHING to do with our right to keep and bear arms, so as relevant they are for national news they aren’t relevant to the NRA, nor should anybody care what a gun rights organization’s opinion on such events are.

Of course since this guy is so deeply ignorant about guns and the Second Amendment, that doesn’t seem to slow him down!

It was a staggeringly tone deaf statement from an organization that has become more and more unmoored from the life of every day people. You have heard about the shooting death of the gun range employee by now, killed by a child with an UZI. A child who never should have held such a weapon.

You need to be trained and educated in firearms to handle an UZI. The recoil and barrel rise are such that an untrained adult would be at risk firing one. You simply cannot expect a child to handle this. That is not a responsible decision, and neither is encouraging parents to bring the kiddies out shooting after a little girl has perforated a careless adult to death. NRA should now mean Not Responsible Anymore.

This story is national news BECAUSE it is such a rare case. Yes indeed, full-auto firearms have their own challenges when learning to properly shoot them, and it is obvious these challenges were not addressed in Arizona to fatal ends. Still properly trained children sure can enjoy shooting an uzi, but maybe we should take the word of this “expert”.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Wayne LaPierre was charged to get in front of the negative backlash his organization was facing. As is their wont, the NRA was silent for a week or so after yet another shooting massacre. And so, less than a month before the NRA released their own first person shooter game, LaPierre blamed the Newtown shootings on video games.

Anti-gunners like to chastise the NRA for their policy of having a one-week blackout when a national event happens like Sandy Hook. The reason is so that all the relevant facts can be sorted from the misinformation. Remember before the bodies were even cold at Sandy Hook the news was reporting the shooter’s BROTHER was the killer, and that his mother worked in the school. None of this was true, and the NRA is no different than any of us, and couldn’t know what was reality and what was fiction.

As for LaPierre’s comments about violent video games, that indeed was tone-deaf and stupid. This is why the NRA isn’t talking about Ukraine, they know as much about Russia as they do about video games.

It’s the policy of the NRA to misdirect attention from America’s gun violence issues away from guns. Therefore they grasp at any straws to do so. That’s why John R. Lott is so important to them. Lott wrote a book called “More Guns, Less Crime” that purports to prove that more guns will solve gun violence. The only issue being that Lott’s research, upon which the book and the subsequent talking points were based on, was proven to be fraudulent over ten years ago.

But Lott’s message is one the NRA likes. So America has been playing it Lott’s way for over a decade now. The results speak for themselves. Aurora. Beltway Snipers. Fort Hood, twice. Sandy Hook. The list goes on and on. More guns hasn’t lessened gun violence at all. Lott is a fraud, and needs to be exposed nationally for this. Instead a fantasy is forced on us all.

Well except we have the lowest violent crime rate since the 1960s, and more gun owners and people lawfully carrying than ever in the history of this country. This guy cites “gun free zones” as proof. Who’s the fraud here?

Besides advocating guns in the hands of children who cannot possibly handle them, the NRA has also said that blind people should be armed. Let’s say that again, the NRA wants blind people to have guns. They have also forwarded that teachers should be carrying guns, as they don’t have enough pressure on them. They think domestic abusers should be able to own guns, even though many shooting deaths are the result of domestic disputes. They have advocated mandatory firearms training for children as well, and we have seen how tragically that scenario plays out.

Wow, let’s run down this pack of lies. Blind people have rights too, and just because you are declared “blind” doesn’t mean you can’t see anything. A legally blind person might be able to identify an attacker across the room, which is the range of most defensive shootings. ANY conscious human can identify an attacker at contact range. Why deny them rights?

Note the mass shootings he cites are all places where guns are heavily restricted. You don’t see shootings like that where people can lawfully carry. You want to make schools safer, turn them into the sidewalk outside school grounds where you don’t see the same mass-violence!

The domestic abuser thing is all about due process, but given that he’s anti-Second Amendment, he’s obviously against the entire bill of rights.

Lastly the NRA has NOT advocated mandatory firearms training for children, that was an NRA Affiliated commentator speaking for only himself. Now mandatory firearms training is a smart idea, but his accusation is simply another lie.

Recently the NRA has made sexist attacks on Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America. This isn’t new, but their latest diatribe boils down to how founder Shannon Watts should worry more about cooking and cleaning. Because she does not fit their June Cleaver stereotype, they forward that she is not a “real mom.” In short, they told her to to shut up and get back in the kitchen. This originated #MomsNotMaids on Twitter.

Nope, another lie! They simply called out Shannon Watts for the liar she is. The NRA is a pro-woman group, they are not pro-liar!

NRA = Neo-Racist Assholes

How about Ferguson? Civil unrest has reigned for two weeks in reaction to the death of Michael Brown. The eyes of not only the country but the world have been brought to bear on the oppression of ethnic Americans in Missouri, and the prevalence of a police state. Officers were repeatedly photographed pointing rifles at unarmed black citizens. Not a word from the NRA on such irresponsibility.

For as many guns being lugged around in the Ferguson, this is not a second Amendment issue. Notice how the author declares the words of a single commentator as the word directly from the NRA, yet many of the NRA affiliated personalities have indeed weighed in on Ferguson, some are fine with the police response, others are opposed to it, but since his research doesn’t seem to go beyond Media Matters and their Joyce-Funded anti-rights section, the NRA has said nothing.

Still there have really only been three armed factions in Ferguson. The Gangs of the city, the police, and citizens protecting their property from the rioters. Those citizens defending their property are much of what the NRA talks about and supports. The Gangs are criminals, and the NRA is against them. Well the Police are a grey area, but where did this “Police State” come from?

Hmmm, look at any anti-gun bill, both passed and proposed. It bans XYZ gun or accessory from the people. It requires XYZ to be done on behalf of gun owners. AND it EXEMPTS police!

In Furguson we have Police officers with tanks, grenade launchers, and full-auto weapons. This is all due to the action of ANTI-GUN forces. This in on YOUR side, don’t go blaming the NRA.

Here comes a REALLY rich one!

The KKK is raising money to support Michael Brown’s killer. Not a word from the NRA. Open Carry groups want to walk through black neighborhoods against residents’ wishes. Not a word from the NRA. Could it have something to do with how the Second Amendment, which they adhere to their interpretation thereof so zealously, was ratified to preserve slavery?

WTF? This guy knows literally NOTHING! The NRA was formed by Union Officers AFTER the civil war. You know, the guys who ENDED slavery, and fought AGAINST the KKK? Further the 2nd Amendment gave PROTECTED [-ed] the right to all citizens to Keep and Bear Arms. Very few people were slave owners. Now the slaves didn’t have this right because they were not people under the law. Still now in a post-14th-Amendment world, all people in the US have these rights.

Hey, but he REALLY WANTS the NRA and gun owners to be racist, so why not just call it a fact!

Think of how you want the USA and Americans defined. Are we cowardly and paranoid, or brave enough to move ourselves forward? Are we stuck in the past or do we strive towards the future? Can we overcome the posturing of a minority of our population, or do we bow down to those making up for the lack of volume in their numbers by increasing the volume of their voices?

we stand with or against those who make excuses for killers of children? Is America to be the next home of child soldiers? Do we believe that non-white Americans should be shot to death at the rate it is happening now? For playing loud music? For wearing a baseball cap sideways?

He doesn’t live on the planet. This is nothing but pure projection. Anti-gun hacks like him are the minority, and boy are they doing a lot of shouting and blame-shifting.

Do we let an organization pay off our elected leaders and malign women like it’s the 18th century?

Like Michael Bloomberg?

Do we allow gun extremists, now far removed from firearms safety, to dictate how we live and die in our streets? And for what? So a select few can get richer from gun sales? You don’t really believe your children’s lives are less important than making rich men richer do you?

Or maybe so we can enjoy lower violent crime rates…you know, like we have right now.

Do you define your nationality by a loaded semi-automatic rifle on your back in a grocery store while wearing your baby as a human shield?

Nope, but we have this nice document that protects our rights from shrill assholes like you.

A true patriot works with their country’s government, and doesn’t plot against it. Democracy does not mean that you throw tantrums and try to intimidate people with your weapons to get your way. Yet these are the types of people the NRA supports.

If you don’t feel free unless you own a gun, that is not truly liberty.

Who’s throwing a tantrum? Further any concern against our government is based on its disregard for the law of the land. This makes them NOT our government. Further we’re not plotting, we just have contingency plans when the soap box and ballot box fail.

Also if you can’t protect your own life, are you really free?

Last up I have to cite the author’s profile blurb:

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.

Man, sounds like the type of guy who should be dictating our rights for us.

Man, I’m glad I own guns. There are people THIS hateful out there, and hopefully they will continue to only be bold when they sit behind a keyboard.

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8 Responses to Anti-Rights Hatred and Ignorance

  1. Braden Lynch says:

    A total failure on his part. His world view is warped and his facts are not that. They are lies and falsehoods and he should be ashamed for spouting them and wallowing in ignorance. If he were to read this fisking post, he should beg for our forgiveness.

    What I find the funniest is his attack on Dr. Lott’s work which has not been refuted, but plenty of useless hack studies from the Left have been reduced to ash under any level of scrutiny. This guy needs to stop snorting unicorn farts and embrace reality.

  2. AZRon says:

    ” He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.”

    How I read this:

    I used to work the front desk of a Marriot and hand out the key cards. In between episodes of Sex and the city, I would sometimes glance at the security monitors. When the workload became such as to interfere with my doodling, I whined until they hired an assistant…under my supervision.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or probably while he was doing his “Starving Artist” night-work at the Hotel, the manager made a policy that if the hotel asked some drunks to leave, better the man do it, rather than the 90 pound women. And yeah there was this time when some high school kids rented a room to do drugs and have sex, and I TOTALLY called the cops, and threw them out!

      **I’ve** done that crap. I mention that “Security” has been in my job title and sometimes how (very tame) scenarios play out. (Best example is like George Zimmerman, I’ve followed a suspicious person until my seniors arrived to make a judgement call on what to do about their questionable acts. I’m with George, waiting for the cops while you’ve lost sight of the person you called them for is about as good as not calling them at all. Woo-hoo! Doesn’t that make me an “Expert”, I should put this down on my resume! *snicker*

      Also I’m sure you work enough overnights without complaints, you eventually get promoted to OVERSEE the new starving artists and High-School drop-outs who are willing to sit at a desk from midnight to 9am.

      Man his resume probably has more padding than a sofa!

  3. Jack/OH says:

    Chad’s essay does look like a Canadian ex-pat’s lashing out at why America can’t be more like, oh, Canada. For an alternative ex-pat’s view of American gun culture, Google German-born New England resident Marko Kloos.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Google him? I occasionally go shooting with him! 😉

      • Jack/OH says:

        Hat’s off, Weer’d! I’ve read some of Marko’s stuff and like it.

        BTW-there’s an Arthur Goldwag, a non-political literary guy in NYC, who writes a surprisingly thoughtful piece on his blog in which he admits he just hates guns. You’ve been saying that for a while about the anti-gunners. Goldwag ‘fesses up.

        Chad’s stuff pretty much looks like it’s written by a guy who wants to say the right things to draw the attention of an editor who can move him up the NYC journalistic food chain. Careerism on the crack pipe stuff. ” . . . [W]earing your baby as a human shield . . . .” Chrissake!

  4. BHirsh says:

    Oops! Bad form, Weerd Beard.

    “Further the 2nd Amendment gave the right to all citizens to Keep and Bear Arms.”

    It did no such thing. The 2nd Amendment GUARANTEED the right to the people. The right exists independent of it, and the SCOTUS has taken judicial notice of that fact:

    “The right there specified is that of ‘bearing arms for a lawful purpose’. This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” – U.S. v. Cruikshank, 1876

    This is no small distinction, sir. It is the critical difference between a right and a privilege.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nope it is indeed a mistake I made. The US Constitution indeed just PROTECTS the right that ALL HUMANS (even those disarmed subjects of the UK and other “enlightened” nations) have the right to self defense, and in that the arms that allow good people to defend against attacks.

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