Chiappa Disatisfaction

They’re cool guns, but this is really a black eye:

Good LORD! I shipped my S&W617 back to S&W when it finally had been shot too much, and they replaced half the damn gun and got it back to me in two weeks!

Also while the Chiappa Rhino is probably one of the best ways to sling .357 out there from a concealable firearm, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This is a damn nice .357, and I bet the difference in controlability is academic. It’s also smaller, and lighter, but holds one less round. They’re also both ugly as sin. You decide what’s better, but I’ll note the Ruger retails around $450 new.

And still below the $900 range is this pricy piece. Still probably smaller, lighter, and also holds 6 shots. Also has the option of 8 shots with extended magazines. I will say that without a doubt the Kahr PM45 is more controllable than the Rhino, even without having fired one. Also while .45 ACP +P ammo isn’t quite as powerful as hot .357 Mag defensive loads, the difference is again academic, as is the difference of the size of the holes it leaves.

Man I didn’t know they were that expensive!

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2 Responses to Chiappa Disatisfaction

  1. Miguel says:

    I’ve seen this before with foreign companies: They have a distribution of finished products but not really a full size (or even medium size) shop to fix anything. And they never thought they’d need screws, why would they? Their usual customers shoot but maybe a box of shells a year, that does not stress a gun much.

  2. DaddyBear says:

    I looked at the Rhino at the St. Louis NRAAM. It was one of the new hot things that year, and there was a lot of oohing and awing. I hated it. The ergonomics for a big hand felt goofy, and the double action trigger required a huge effort and felt like it was bumping along on a gravel road. The only thing that was worse were some of the Rossi/Taurus revolvers.

    So, I’m not surprised that their customer service matches quite nicely with the quality of their firearms.

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