Are Anti-Freedom People Against People Shooting Dangerous Animals?


So this link goes to the Wallmart Shootings Blog, run by Joyce Foundation shill Jason “Baldr” Kilgore of Cease Fire Oregon. It’s a aggregation site for this laughable purpose:

Why are there so many? Is it just because there are a LOT of Walmart locations around the country? And yet, other than one or two sporadic reports, you don’t hear about so many shootings at Kmart stores, or Target, or Costco. Is it because Walmart sells guns and ammo, and those others don’t? As far as I can tell, Target never did. Kmart stopped selling guns and ammo in 2009. Costco in 2006. It doesn’t help that Walmart often has banks inside their stores, making them even more of a target.

Is Walmart’s pro-gun stance a factor? Does it make people feel justified in taking their guns to Walmart and settling disputes in a violent manner?

Yep, because Walmart has a sporting goods counter with guns and ammo, there is “more violence”.

Still back to the story linked, and officer was called to Walmart because there was a beggar setting up camp in their parking lot and harassing their customers. When an Officer approached him the hobo let the dog off his leash and it attacked the officer. The Officer shot the dog (which is both expected to live, and unexpectedly will be returned to the owner. I would hope the dog would be put down, but likely this is because the Officer didn’t wait to get maimed first. Also another side note, what’s with beggars with dogs? If you’re so down on your luck you need to harass people for change, why would you have a large breed dog that needs to be fed?) and arrested the Beggar for trespassing. I hope they also book him for assault with a deadly weapon.

And in the end Jason closes with the same tagline he uses every time: “Walmart. Save money. Die faster.”

Yep, we need to ban guns! So not only is Jason, who again is a spokesperson for a Joyce Foundation gun-ban group, against a person shooting a dangerous dog in self defense, he seems to be against a Police Officer shooting a dangerous dog while doing his duties of removing an unruly trespasser from private property.

Remember, they are not anti-gun, they are Anti-freedom, and if the Officer had been killed, or severely injured by the dog, Jason wouldn’t have even been interested in this story because only “Gun Death” counts in his bloody little game, and NOBODY, even Police Officers doing the bidding of the public, have the right to defend themselves.

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11 Responses to Are Anti-Freedom People Against People Shooting Dangerous Animals?

  1. Joseph in IL says:

    ” Police Officer shooting a dangerous job”

    Boy, I cannot tell you how scary it is to be savaged by a dangerous job just walking the streets.

    Sorry, had to give you the business over this one. 🙂

    • Weerd Beard says:

      No worries! Typo fixed and LOL’s were had!

      Also I hope you used “the business” as a pun because it was a gold-medal one when discussing “Dangerous Jobs” that need to take lead!

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. The_Jack says:

    So… an incident where they only gun was in the hands of a police officer is an example to… what? Ban carry? Have Walmart ban guns on their property?

    It’s not like any of those would… stop an cop from entering the property when, you know, the police are called.

    But gotta love it! The police do something and “Baldr” thinks non-cops should be punished.

    So much of gun control really *IS* based on the bullying idea of “Stop hitting yourself”?

    It’s like the Antis think people won’t remember that they’re among the biggest supporters of up-arming the police (given they endorse police exemptions for every gun law they push).

    Speaking of “Stop hitting yourself” gun control the Brain Trust at New Republic has come up with the “real” reason for the police militarization and police abuse of power.

    There’s not enough gun control! See the Police wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t in fear of all these icky armed proles.

    Oh, and Libertarians are crazy to not want gun control.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      There are two Big Lies that seem to have attained the status of “Truth” in the gun debate.

      #1. The Waiting period as a “Cooling off Period” so somebody doesn’t walk into a gun shop on the way to shoot somebody. Never was the case, the waiting period was put in place so the authorities could run a background check via Post Mail. The idea of a “Cooling off Period” only showed up once NICS hit the scene and the anti-gun people didn’t want to embrace the new and better technology because anything that is better for gun owners is BAD for them, even if it is safer and better for gun regulation. Another sign that they don’t care about crime, violence, or safety. They just want to eliminate gun owners.

      #2. is the “Arms Race” idea for why Cops need XYZ gun. Tam outlines it best in this post with all the cutting-edge guns cops had in the early days of the 20th Century. They were rocking auto-loading, and full-auto guns back when our Troops still were rocking bolt-actions.

      Same goes for various eras. In the 80s and 90s Before the AWB cops were trading in the revolvers for double-stack autos, criminals were mostly using revolvers and potmetal single-stack pocket guns. Also AR-15s were so unpopular in the general public the 94 ban passed, but the Cops sure had ARs and Mini-14s.

      Now when the AR-15 is more popular, there still aren’t that many crimes with them. More often you’ll see the Glocks and other double-stacks in crime, but now the cops have re-furb M4s that have been retired from Iraq.

      Nope the cops have the best gear their departments can afford, there has never been an “Arms Race”, but that idea SURE does make banning guns sound reasonable!

  3. divemedic says:

    Maybe the reason that more shootings happen at Walmart is because WalMart has over 11,000 stores. Target has 1,680, and KMart has 1,200. Costco has merely 600.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Wow, good research! I didn’t know there was THAT much of a disparity.

      Also Walmart has the cheapest prices of all those stores, so they tend to have a LOT more volume. I bet when compared to say Target twice as many people cross the checkout lines in a given calender day at Walmart than Target, and I bet it takes closer to a week for what K-Marts are left to get that volume.

      • Archer says:

        The various price points also determine what type of clientele each chain caters to. Costco carries wholesale items (large packages) and charges an annual membership – mostly middle-class families and small businesses shop there. Target and Kmart aren’t terribly expensive, but more than Walmart; I’d predict mostly middle-class (though Target seems to be cutting their prices to be more competitive).

        And then there’s Walmart. I REALLY don’t want to write this off as a race/class discussion, but let’s face it: street criminals and thugs DO tend to come from lower-class and poverty-stricken households, i.e. the people most likely to shop where their dollars have the most purchasing power. Pair that with the above-noted store count – Walmart has an order of magnitude more locations – and you have a recipe for more Walmart shootings.

        Besides, if it WERE the guns/ammo, Cabela’s would be THE most violent store chain in the nation! 😉

  4. WallPhone says:

    My local K-Mart sells shotgun shells. Not sure how relevant that is since they also sell smoke detectors with a copyright date of 2001 on otherwise impossible to open blister packages that are now yellowed and crack at the slightest touch.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I remember talking to a guy who remembers shopping in Target in the 70s in California and them selling Colt AR-15 Sporters.

      Remember, Jason is one of those people who makes up his mind, then makes up his facts to make himself look smart.

  5. Jack/OH says:

    Give the dog your wallet and valuables, avert your eyes, then move on with your life. Everyone knows a firearm is of no use when you’re attacked by a feral or uncontrolled animal. (NOT!!)

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