Good Safety Tip

You know because pro gun people are the REAL gun safety advocates:

Now I don’t have a clearing bucket in my armory, but all his points are great ones. I do have a few guns that require a trigger pull to disassemble them, I make it a point to triple-check the chamber before that trigger gets pulled, and I call that good. Also the only gun I have that has an exposed hammer and is double-action without a decocker is my Beretta 21A and the few occasions I carried this it was hammer on half-cock safety off. Still I drop the hammer and half-cock it with the barrel tipped up so there is ZERO change of a negligent discharge.

Now while I think it’s safe to trust the decocker on your various guns, if you by chance own and carry a gun like a CZ-82 or CZ-75B these guns can be carried cocked-and-locked, or with the hammer down and the safety off. I prefer option #2, and to get a loaded gun there you need to thumb down the hammer. If I was doing this often I would CERTAINLY have a clearing barrel for that added safety.

Again, his points are solid, I should probably have a clearing barrel just to have one for added safety. Oh and his ballistics are right, sand stops bullets REALLY quick!

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  1. Joat says:

    I carry a CZ 75 and I carry it hammer down, I still have not had a surprise bang when lowering the hammer but I’m sure it will happen someday. Where this gun is stored when it’s not with me a bucket of sand on the floor would be a bad idea, it’s on the second floor making the floor a not safe direction to point a loaded gun.
    The few times I’ve chambered a round and decocked inside the house I used the side of a full bookcase for a back stop. normally I step outsize and use the the ground as my backstop, past the bookcase was an outside wall, and past that is a hill.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You know I have an old 27″ CRT TV down in the armory that I use to watch movies while I clean or reload. Bought the thing years ago, and just kept moving it down the totem pole until now it is at the official bottom.

      It is 100% something I will shed ZERO tears if it dies, and a CRT of this size will stop all but the larger rifle rounds. You got me thinking guys!

  2. WallPhone says:

    I’m with Joat… six inches of phone book or pulp fiction should stop any handgun round, isn’t out of place indoors, and is far less messier if cats or kids encounter it. A bookcase also works better than a bucket as another layer of safety when practicing dry-fire.

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