“Gun Death” Dryer

Thankfully no death, but damn serious!

A man is accused of putting a 2-year-old Maine toddler in a clothes dryer and turning it on, burning the boy.

WABI-TV ( http://bit.ly/1tFbOs2 ) reports that police say the boy’s mother left him with her boyfriend, **MONSTER**, while she went to work. According to court documents, the Bangor boy suffered second-degree burns on his arms and back and burns and blisters on his feet.

Again with Mommy’s boyfriend! How many times has this come up? What kind of beast puts a baby in the dryer for ANY reason? It doesn’t take much to kill a two-year-old, and this could have EASILY done it. Hear those stories of kids dying in hot cars? What gets hotter? A clothes dryer!

Also to step outside the seriousness, who NEEDS a clothes dryer? I have a clothes line (yes I still use a dryer, I don’t have enough line to dry every sock and pair of underwear I wash, small stuff on nice days go in the dryer) you don’t NEED to dry your clothes in these deadly murder devices.

Oh and also, note that almost everybody has a clothes dryer. My first apartment didn’t have one, but every other place had in-house laundry. Odd how this isn’t an every-day story.

Maybe its the people, not the tool.

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  1. AZRon says:

    It must be a bitch trying to legislate stupidity.

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