Images of the Antis: Pure Hatred

How he describes himself:

Baldr Odinson approaches the University of Oregon library dressed entirely in white-sweatshirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes. A tiny red button on his chest contrasts the white ensemble. The button reads, “Stop Gun Violence.” When asked why he wears all white clothing, he proudly proclaims, “…white is the color of peace.”

…He now works to stop gun violence because he, “…want[s] a better world for my kids, than the one I grew up in.”

How he presents himself:

Baldr hate

Hilariously he goes and maligns pro-gun havens. Notice how the entire Northeast is “Open-Carryland”, yet that includes New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. All places with horribly restrictive gun laws and places where if open carry IS permitted, it’s by license only, and open carry is a good way to LOSE that license as well as get your ass arrested.

California is also maligned, yet it’s the poster child for gun control. Hell ALL of the country is maligned, because HATE.

Further I saved Jason’s comment because that’s how he REALLY feels. We’re not a nation of laws and liberty, we’re “Dumbfuckistan” and “The United States of Stupid” in his eyes.

This is why his blog has no comment section, and other anti-gun blogs and websites ban any discussion of how guns are a GOOD thing.

No we don’t carry because we like Liberty and want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. No, it is pure coincidence that as gun laws become more lax, violent crime rates go down.

Nope, we’re just a bunch of “Dumb Fucks” for not bowing to his petty agenda.

He wants to live in a more peaceful and better world, while he roots for a bloody civil war and supports peaceful gun owners being killed for simply exercising their rights.

Classy, nee?

**UPDATE** For Bob
jason kilgore with sword-2

Guns are horrible weapons designed ONLY TO KILL!!! But swords are swell!

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14 Responses to Images of the Antis: Pure Hatred

  1. The_Jack says:

    Also note the amount of police and helicopters and tanks in that image.

    Funny how Baldr and his ilk have spent decades giving police exemptions from every gun law under the sun, and now they’re complaining about police militarization.

    Hell 1/3 of the “states” are exclusively populated by police.

    Because you know those California swat guys are totally the fault of the gun lobby.

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  3. Travelin' Man says:

    Here is Justin’s Facebook page, go see what the liberal mindset is of a twenty something (approximately 23 to be exact):

  4. Bob S. says:

    Can you find the picture of Jason Kilgore training with a sword to add to this ?
    I mean what says “the color of peace” like practicing sword training in a martial art.

    Bob S.

  5. JR says:

    You know who else wore all white with a red insignia? The fucking KKK, the original modern “gun control” organization.

  6. Rob Crawford says:

    He should move to where he’d be more happy, a place where only the military and police are allowed to be armed — ISIS controlled parts of Iraq.

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  8. JBS says:

    White is not the color of peace. Its the color of surrender.

    • Alpheus says:

      I’m trying to think of a way where white is actually the color of peace, because I think it may be–at the very least, you are right that it is the color of surrender, and I, for one, do not believe that surrender and peace go hand in hand.

      On the other hand, white is also the color of purity, and in China it’s the color of death….

      Even so, we could declare any color to be “the color of X”, if we have good reason to do so. So I’m going to take Odinson’s word for this, and accept that white is the color of peace…and imagine an older gentleman, with pure white hair, a pure-white beard and mustache, nicely trimmed, wearing a nice white suit and hat, sitting on his white porch and white chair, peacefully wearing three white-and-chrome pistols in white holsters, and holding a white-and-chrome rifle peacefully in his lap, and a white-and chrome shotgun behind his chair, with the quiet assurance that he’s ready for any red or blue gangsta who shows up to disturb the peace…

      Somehow I doubt that this is the type of peace Odinson wants people to have: he seems to be the type that want the blue and red gangstas have the run of the place, because the people who would ensure the peace would be disarmed, and are thereby forced to surrender to evil…

  9. Alpheus says:

    Ok, I’m tired, and have a headache, so maybe I can pull this off:

    With all the violence that happens in California, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, I can’t see how you guys can be opposed to common sense gun laws! America is out of control, with air full of bullets, and whatnot, so surely we need stricter gun laws!

    Why do people even need rifles, and bayonets, and other war guns? Because they are so big and evil, they are bound to be only used by criminals, so what would an honest person have need of them, anyway?

    And we have to ban handguns, too, because they are the gun of choice for criminals–because they are easy to hide, they are bound to be. They are a particular problem, because the Gun Industry has been marketing them to everyone, by making them smaller, with more bullets per gun, and bigger, more powerful bullets–the temptation of power is bound to make the average person to go insane and try to rob a bank! It’s inevitable.

    I cannot imagine what it might be like to live in a place like Utah, or Idaho, or Texas. They need more laws like California and Chicago; after all, how are we going to be able to defeat gun violence while everyone can have guns? And besides, while guns are legal in places like Virginia, they are going to be the source of illegal guns to stream into Washington DC, so we need gun laws to be the same everywhere if we want to get a handle on gun violence!

    Really, the only people who need guns are the police and the military. Now that our government has figher jets and nuclear weapons, there’s no way we’re going to fight our government anyway, even if they become completely tyrannical, so why don’t we just give them all the tools they need for complete tyranny? Government is only rarely going to withdraw their protection of the innocent occasionally–I mean, how many riots have we had in the past thirty years? I can only think of LA, Furgeson, and New Orleans, and Sandy, right now–so it isn’t as though people are going to need 30-round rifles to defend their homes and businesses!

    Ok, ok, this is making my headache worse. Perhaps I should have tried doing this using lortabs, or something. Even so, did I include enough contradictions to justify getting a Joyce Grant? I hope so, because I really need that grant, to justify that study that could be used as the foundation for finally getting Constitution Carry in Utah, or perhaps to start undermining the very notion of background checks themselves…

    • Alpheus says:

      Ok, ignoring statistics notwithstanding, one of the scary things I just attempted to do was realizing that, each paragraph almost makes sense, by themselves…

    • Alpheus says:

      Incidentally, I don’t fully know why this post inspired me to try to make a bunch of pro-gun arguments, in a quasi-reasonable way. Obviously, part of it is that I’m tired, and I’m not thinking straight. 🙂

      But I think another reason is the implication that open carry, Stand Your Ground, and Militias are evil; that militiarization of the police force is something that Gun Enthusiests want (yet it’s the Gun Control types that insist that only the Police are worthy of owning such things); that Immigration issues and gun rights go hand-in-hand…perhaps my brain needed to intellectually barf, and that comment was the end result of that…

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