Disdain for Their Fellow Man

Now I personally feel that most of my fellow man (Not just Americans, but humans on the Earth) are good. If you slip and fall perfect strangers will stop and help you up, communities band together when problems happen.

Even if I’m not in such an optimistic mood I can still walk down the sidewalk without concern for oncoming traffic mowing me down. I can stand on a train platform without concern somebody will push me under the train at the last moment, or I can set my Wallet on the table at the restaurant while I wait for my waiter to run my credit card, and not be concerned somebody will attempt to snatch it and dash off into the night.

No matter how “Progressive” a person is, they tend to see things the same way as I do. Still that quickly breaks down when you get to certain issues. Of course this is a Gun Blog. I think unless you have otherwise proven to a rather affirmative degree that you are a danger to your fellow man, get what you want! No I don’t care if the dude sitting beside me in the Movies has a gun, nor do I care if somebody driving by in traffic does. I don’t care if my Daughter’s teacher or school class has guns. And no, me being personally armed has nothing to do with my feelings.

Another one that REALLY bugs me is Campaign Finance Reform, I personally don’t give two shits how people toss their money around. I also don’t care if the people paying for a campaign live in the relevant state or district, or even live IN THE COUNTRY.

Yeah, there is a certain degree of carpet-bagging meddling when Michael Bloomberg works to get laws passed in Colorado and Washington. Or George Soros pushing various laws from what ever nation won’t extradite him. Still so long as the money can be followed, WHERE the money comes from has almost as much relevance as the money itself.

Also what does campaign money DO? It pays mostly for TV and Radio ads, but it also pays for phone banks, robo-calls, fliers, mailers, and public appearances. While ads and such DO work, otherwise your favorite breakfast cereal wouldn’t be paying big money to splash it’s image on the TV during morning TV. Still the idea that humans are slaves to what they see on TV is REALLY crass IMHO.

During the build-up to the mid-term election I got a LOT of Mail, and even had a state rep knock on my door. I honestly hadn’t heard of the guy before, but I shoot his hand and took his flier. Then I read the thing, and it was loaded with “Progressive” “Social Justice” crap. I’m glad he stopped by and gave me his literature, otherwise I might have made the mistake for voting for him!

Also there’s also such a thing as “Diminishing Returns”, You can spend a million dollars and get your candidate’s ad on a few really good prime-time spot, and smatter that ad in a few cheaper spots to boot. OR you could spend 5 BILLION dollars and buy the station for an election cycle….and people won’t watch that station because it’s only political ads for one candidate.

The same goes for things like the recent Anti-Gun Bloomberg push. Since the laws and sentiments are mostly and import, not only is Bloomberg having to buy air time to advertise, but also he has to buy support. We see this all the time, unions paying members to pick up a sign at a rally, or Shannon Watts and a few other octogenarian “Moms” getting flown out to the NRA show for a “Protest”….meanwhile the NRA members PAID to get to the show. There are times when we can “outspend” our opponents without spending a cent! That’s the difference between grassroots and top-down politics.

And then there’s this: Turns out the “Altruism” of Obamacare is rooted in Hatred. No, people can’t POSSIBLE understand the economics of this bill, so we will intentionally LIE about it.

Same goes for other political issues! Oh no, those people don’t vote against gun control because they have a good reason! They vote on it because they’re inbred moron racists who hate women!

Sorry, I can’t even gin up that amount of contempt for the “Progressives” who are leveling this kind of ire at me.

Still “Because you are a moron, and I hate you”, is NEVER a good reason to give somebody the reins of power…

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    “Sorry, I can’t even gin up that amount of contempt for the “Progressives” who are leveling this kind of ire at me.”

    S’ok Weer’d, I can generate enough contempt for the both of us.

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