Images of the Antis: Twofer

One is just to point and laugh:

Now this story is hardly a good one. I haven’t been following it at all, but Mas Ayoob has, and knows more about such things than I.

Even if Dunn DID shoot in self defense, and not as an act of murder, he did everything wrong. Of course this also show how dumb the antis are for prattling about how we need to repeal Stand Your Ground law because A) This wasn’t a SYG case, and B) It looks like Dunn will likely spend most or all of the rest of his life in prison.

Still the big moment of stupidity is that obviously the lobbyists who want to advocate what guns we can own, and how any why we can use them don’t seem to understand the basics of how our legal system works. Hell they can’t even understand the dumbed-down reportings by the paper!

Dunn was convicted on the attempted murder charges (and again those charges are enough for him to die in prison if served consecutively) but the charge of Murder in the 1st was declared a mistrial.

That simply means that he’ll be tried for that charge at a later date. Mas Ayoob notes that Murder 1 doesn’t seem like the best charge. From his article I’d say Murder 2 is a much better fit…and again enough to keep Mr. Dunn in prison until he dies.

Do they think he was cleared of those charges? Certainly it reads that way. WOW!

Next up is this image:

Now note that there is a single dot on the map for Maine. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of that. That got me scratching my head about this. Now I find this article:

They claimed that 44 shootings occurred in schools and colleges nationwide since the Newtown, Conn. massacre on Dec. 14, 2012 and Feb. 10 of this year. Out of the 44 shootings, a total of 28 died. To dramatize their numbers, Bloomberg’s groups emphasized that one of these attacks occurred every 10 days.

But their statistics are not what they seem. Included in the numbers are suicides. Also included are late night shootings taking place in school parking lots, on their grounds or even off school property, often involving gangs. As “shootings,” they also include any incident where shots were fired, even when nobody was injured.

They even link the Maine story I wasn’t able to find:

A 19-year-old man shot and killed himself in a parking lot at Gray-New Gloucester High School Saturday afternoon, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.

No one else was hurt in the incident, which took place at about 12:50 p.m., when several athletic events were going on at the school. The shooting took place near the end zone of a field that was being used for a field hockey game, said Sheriff’s Capt. Shawn O’Leary.

The sheriff’s office did not immediately release the name of the man, but said he had never attended the school and was not from the Gray-New Gloucester area.

They say “School Shooting” because its an emotionally charged term that frightens people. The reason why I wasn’t able to find this story in my searches was because it wasn’t a “School Shooting” in the emotionally charged sense.

Lots of their 44 “School Shootings” aren’t, but they don’t want us to know that! They want us to be afraid so we might think their dumb laws aren’t so dumb!

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  2. Linoge says:

    I started a post concerning all of the various “school shootings” the useful idiots at MDA are claiming… Of the ten I researched, only six were actual school shootings in the vein of Columbine or Newtown.

    Surprise, surprise.

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