Quote of the Day: C. S. P. Schofield

This is really a good quote:

If you gun banners are not willing to play by the rules and attempt the necessary amendment on something this important, why should I trust that you obey the law in any lesser pursuit? Why should I think that a contract with one of you is worth the paper it is printed on?

The current debate on if such-and-such gun control is constitutional or infringement on the 2nd Amendment is a big one. Of course nothing in the Bill of Rights is a Carte Blanche rule that ALL behavior enumerated is off limits. You have the freedom of speech, the press, and religion, but you can’t commit slander, libel, incite riots, or declare that raping children is your “religion”. You have the right to not have unlawful searches and seizures, but again the law stipulates when such practices ARE legal.

I of course see the right to keep and bear arms as limited ONLY in how those arms are use. Yep I think you can build a machine gun out of scrap metal for a hobby, or even for personal protection, still it is NOT legal for me to murder my neighbor (with said machine gun, or with a single-shot target rifle), or mow down the cops as they serve me with a lawful warrant.

Still the debate hasn’t gotten there. Right now the pro-gun side is standing on allowing the people to lawfully keep and bear arms if they aren’t disqualified by a court of law, and so long as those guns are considered “In Common Use”.

The other side considers just about anything they’ll pin their name on as “Reasonable Restrictions”, and are for piling on more and more authority to the government on what arms can be kept, and where one can bear them.

Of course on the anti-gun side the easiest way to move on is to repeal the 2nd Amendment. It’s not EASY to do, but it’s been done before, and given that they claim that 90+% of Americans support whatever hobby horse they trot out, if they are telling the truth (yeah, I know!) it WOULD be easy to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Hell look at our Brother’s to the North. Canada has no right to arms. Doesn’t mean Canadians had all their guns seized, or they can’t go hunting.

Of course they don’t attempt this because A) the 90% numbers are a lie, and B) They see Canada as just a big a problem as America, and the anti-gunners in Canada would love to make possession of a firearm by any non-government entity a crime.

This is of course the big reason why anti-gun groups stifle any means of comments, debate, or response by anything they deem “Opposition”. Anti-Gunners, and “Progressives” in general do not believe in Negative rights. They believe in Positive rights, ie forcing doctors to render free or discounted services to those who cannot compensate them, or forcing tax payers to feed people who refuse to even attempt to support themselves. In other words the Rights I support are those where the government may not act, while their philosophies ride on government taking action against things they declare as “Bad”.

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day: C. S. P. Schofield

  1. Eck! says:

    Hey I see the same cruft from people living in apartments and HOA/CC&R restricted homes and land moaning about how they can’t paint their home lime green.
    In all those cases they are bound by contracts they freely signed then when they
    want to do something its them out of control HOA enforcers.

    Just once I’d like one of the gun-grabbers to see themselves in the mirror.
    Their dishonesty is over the top.


  2. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    May I just say, I’m flattered as hell?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You May! Still the flattery is all mine! Many bloggers write blogs for many reasons. For me it’s A) I want to talk about this stuff and my wife can only handle so much, but the big B) is I enjoy the conversation with my readers.

      I won’t say I’m not bummed that my daily readership has gone down due to less site volume after my daughter was born. Still I would be DEVASTATED if my comment traffic had gone down, and really it’s about the same as it always has been, and reading comments is what I enjoy most of this blog.

      And when one really shines, it gets it’s own post.

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