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“Gun Death” Terrorists

Yep banning guns will work! Police released disturbing video footage of the attack on Malkei Israel Street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Geula on Tuesday which killed one and wounded two others. A Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a … Continue reading

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Some Cocktail LOLz

First because the Donk Debate is tonight: and this is just a GREAT story! Good times!

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Remember “Gun Safety Advocates”

The antis HATE when we call them “Anti Gun” simply because they LOVED it when Australia and the UK banned and confiscated guns, and can’t stop talking about how America should be more like them. No just because they want … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Another Mass Killing

Remember, we need to ban guns to prevent Massacres! A 16-year-old Oklahoma boy will stand trial as an adult in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a request by defense attorneys to … Continue reading

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A Great Article Attempting to be Balanced on an Unbalanced Issue.

Have a look! The National Rifle Association (NRA) would have you believe that guns stop murders. The gun control lobby would have you believe that gun control reduces murders. They are both wrong. Gun bans have always had the same … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Murder

I don’t do the “Gun Death” files like I used to, but this one needed to be reported! A Chinese immigrant who butchered five relatives, including four small children, with a meat cleaver in a fit of jealousy pleaded guilty … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 60

Show is up! It’s a Good one! Show Notes Here Enjoy!

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No Squirrel Tonight

Sorry Folks, but Alan is all embroiled in some work stuff, so No Squirrel Report tonight! See you Next Week!

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Misleading Title

The title is: How Bloomberg plans to use the NRA’s tactics in the gun control fight Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg learned that lesson the hard way last year when he spent $12 million on political ads in 13 … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Flock of Vultures

Here’s just a crush of crap I found: Both a Straw man, and the argument of an idiot. So first up nobody said that guns project a force field that deflect bullets. This is an identical argument that would say … Continue reading

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