Again With the Training

We first saw this meme here. Now it’s been re-hashed

Everytown Barber

So like the last image, the “Everytown” name is not present, but you’ll see from the image I grabbed it from their twitter feed. Now again, Kansas is an open-carry state (tho from a quick reading, not as friendly as New Hampshire in the previous post) that requires a permit only for CONCEALED carry. So again, there is already carry with no permits there, and as you can see, the crops are not watered with the blood of innocents there.

Of course what popped up in the last post was a little more talk of training. It’s been a COLD winter, with lots of snow, and I’ve been reluctant to cut my hair just because I know my first trek out into the yard with a shovel and a short beard will bit CHILLING.

Still I’m officially sick of it this long (I know some of you fellas grow your beards long, and they look awesome, but more than 3″ and it starts driving me crazy!) so tonight after the baby goes to bed, and before the Squirrel Report, I’ll be trimming it.

No license, no training. My wife will help get the parts I can’t see to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and she has NO training either.

See, like painting your own nails, or trimming your own hair, there is a HUGE difference between performing a friendly service to yourself or to a close friend, than to a paying customer as a means of a business.

SO we COULD compare training to become a Barber or to become a Police Officer as one it cutting hair and shaving faces for a living, and the other is upholding the law for a living.

I’m doing NEITHER of those things when I cut my hair, or strap on a gun. I don’t care if somebody is speeding, or selling loose cigarettes or soliciting a prostitute. I don’t carry a gun because I want to be a cop any more than I cut my own hair because I want to be a barber. I do them both because they are the smart thing to do. Cutting my own hair saves me tons of time and money and carrying a gun allows me to protect myself while I wait for the cops to show up.

So yeah, I see the idea that you need a permission slip to carry a gun in public in Kansas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or anywhere to be as foolish as MANDATING I take a safety class and keep a permit in good order for me to run some clippers through my mop.

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6 Responses to Again With the Training

  1. divemedic says:

    You only need 960 hours to be a Kansas police officer, where you study subjects like Military Skills, Military Bearing, but the list for basic certification doesn’t include weapons training. you get that by taking a 40 hour course later, that includes weapons training with 5 other subjects. Link:

  2. Archer says:

    I cut my own hair and beard, and *gasp* I cut my son’s, too (albeit without the beard part 😉 ). I’ve cut my brother’s, too, right before he went on military deployment (what’s .mil barber training, these days?). Under the antis’ logic, my untrained-at-home use of a pair of clippers that is almost entirely incapable of cutting skin endangers their safety and welfare.

    I know plenty of guys who shave with straight razors, with no training other than what their dads taught them, who learned from their dads (and so on). And straight razors can be downright dangerous!

  3. Jack/OH says:

    Economist Milton Friedman warned that licensure, certification, and registration schemes need to be carefully looked at in a free society. You have to be a real pro (which I’m not) to gauge whether the restraints on trade, state interests, Constitutional liberty, all that good stuff, come together well in a licensing scheme.

    The antis, when they talk about training, really want to raise the price of lawful self-defense for poor whites and black folks in the ‘hood.

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  5. George Worthy says:

    I’m doing a college assignment about how the suppression of firearm ownership does nothing to curb crime. I have to draw a few graphs, think critically and chart the probability. In my near old age I retired from the Army and am a trained gunsmith but have given up the trade to keep the Guvmint out of my life. (Not much luck yet.) Anyone that knows of a website that could help me prove my point would sure be welcomed to send me a link. De Opresso Liber

  6. Alpheus says:

    There’s something else that irks me about the issue of training as well: why the heck do I need 1500 hours of training before I can start charging money for cutting other people’s hair? Heck, why do I even need 1 hour of training? Wouldn’t a simple “I’ve never done this before, so be aware that you won’t like the results, but I still appreciate the $5” be enough? It’s just *hair*, after all! It will grow back!

    To certain people (like myself) this attempt at a meme is as much anti-licensing as it is pro-burdensome-training….

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