“Gun Death” Beating of a Pregnant Woman

Now I wonder, is this a murder or a double murder?

A central Ohio man who police say confessed to beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend and burying her beside a cornfield will be arraigned on aggravated murder and other charges.

Now the “Progressives” always like to say a baby is just a “lump of cells” before it crosses the cervix…but they also don’t care much for deaths that don’t involve guns…so who cares?


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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Beating of a Pregnant Woman

  1. Jack/OH says:

    The stereotypical, cartoonish “liberal/progressive” type has a mess of contradictions to deal with. Abortion of an animate being is a right; possession of inanimate firearms is wrong; execution of condemned felons, including murderers, is wrong; thwarting an attempted murder of yourself and others by force is wrong-headed in spirit.

    Yeah, I’m broad-brushing. But, the real “liberal/progressives” I know are mostly lazy elitists, often at home in fairly cushy government jobs as bureaucrats and professors, and who know all the answers about everything before they’ve tackled the question or confronted the evidence.

  2. phlegmfatale says:

    Wait– he beat her to death with a gun?

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