Not ALL Pink Drinks Are Bad

Co Worker went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, and she took a picture of one of the bar menus.

The drink was called a “Fenix”, and the recipe called for Triple Sec, Chartreuse, Campari, orgeat, lime juice, and egg white for foam, and garnished with grated chocolate.

So I have all the fixings, but what about the ratios? Note there is no true base spirit in that drink. Most of the drinks using those components will be mostly gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, or tequila.

When I “workshop” a drink I start with very small volumes, and since the egg only adds foam and volume, I omitted the egg from the fist run.

Well I had a hunch, and it was right, 1 part of all ingredients, but with a half part of the Orgeat because a little of that stuff goes a LONG way. Not sure if this is how the bar makes ’em, but this doesn’t seem too bad!


It’s nice, the tart of the lime, with the bitterness of the campari, and the spice notes of the chartreuse all balence out all the sweetness in this thing, and the get just makes it fluffy and light and gives the chocolate flake something to stand on.

Still I can’t help think of this:

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3 Responses to Not ALL Pink Drinks Are Bad

  1. The_Jack says:

    Love that sketch.

    “It’s a girl drink. Tastes like candy.”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      This one didn’t QUITE taste like candy, but maybe if I added a full measure of the Orgeat it would be a bunch sweeter and more candy-like, with a fluffy head at the top dusted with chocolate.

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