Double Down on the Repeal PLCAA Campaign

And big surprise, the double-down is to lie!


So this image was dishonest, but the one above is just flat-out lying!

So the “PLCAA gives the gun industry protection no other industry in America has” is technically true. Of course even this is ironic, given that Brady is living on borrowed time thanks to a backfired frivolous lawsuit initiated by them against Lucky Gunner. See Lucky Gunner broke the combo, by having the judge dismiss the case AND order Brady to pay back their legal fees.

Every other lawsuit of this type has been dismissed, but the wrongfully sued were always left holding the bag when it came to legal fees. With Lucky Gunner it was to the tune of $150,000! Note this suit never even went to trial! It was DISMISSED! Just imagine the fees if more time and legal action had needed to be done to reach the same result.

Do this enough and pretty soon you’re talking real money, even for the more successful gun makers and stores.

Note this is ALL with the companies doing NOTHING wrong, and WINNING every case sent against them.

So yeah, since Ford isn’t being sued every time a drunk rolls his Ford Fusion….or Jim Beam for distilling the spirits he was messed up on, the Gun industry needed to do something the other companies haven’t yet had to.

So the next three points are straight up lies. Alleged “Bad Apple” dealers, if they are conducting sales outside the law are NOT protected. If they are breaking no laws, and showing no negligence, then of course they shouldn’t be sued!

Bringing us to the next point: If this law keeps people from being sued for braking no laws, and showing no negligence, then their definition of “Justice” is VERY warped.

And of course the PLCAA keeps over-zealous anti-rights lobby groups from financially damaging companies by simply spamming them with frivolous lawsuits. Again, note that all the cases that triggered this law to be drafted were all dismissed, or ruled in the favor of the gun companies.

It’s really shameful. I doubt this little campaign will get off the ground, but if it ever sees the light of day, how will they expect to survive the debate????

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One Response to Double Down on the Repeal PLCAA Campaign

  1. Archer says:

    So the “PLCAA gives the gun industry protection no other industry in America has” is technically true.

    Technically, but not really. A more accurate way of putting it would be, “PLCAA codifies into law manufacturer protections every other industry in America is automatically assumed to have under common law.”

    Like you said, Ford is not liable if someone willfully misuses their product. Only if the product has a manufacturing defect (like the Toyotas a few years ago with their “uncontrolled acceleration”) is Ford liable. That lack-of-liability is not coded into law; it’s automatically assumed because Ford cannot reasonably be responsible for how someone else uses their product. It defies common sense to think otherwise.

    PLCAA was enacted because so many individuals and groups sought to treat the firearms industry differently from every other industry on Earth. Contrary to what anti-freedom folks claim, it does NOT provide “special protections” for gun makers; it merely restores the common-law standard that applies to everything else.

    And I still say, anti-freedom people are a victim of their own making; they went so overboard with “lawfare” tactics that an Act of Congress was passed to put a stop to it! 😀

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