He Scared Me For a Moment

This is a dude I like to bag on for being a hack bartender….then he goes and does this:

I personally take my Negronis Up in a cocktail glass, but on the rocks is perfectly acceptable. I dock him points for using the same ice to chill and serve….by the time you’ve chilled the drink the ice is starting to melt, so fresh ice will better keep the rocks drink cold.

Still if somebody mixed a Negroni like this for me, I wouldn’t complain….maybe that’s why he struggles so much to choke it down….

Then he did this:

Again, 100% respectable drink! I’ll dock points for not chilling the cocktail glass…but honestly I had a cocktail the other day at a bar that didn’t chill the glass, and really it hardly ruins the cocktail.

Also I can’t dock points for shaking clear drink, I must note that the cloudy appearance, as well as the foamy mouth-feel just don’t do the drink any favors.

You can read my article on this drink here. I use New Amsterdam Gin instead of a vodka and gin mix to great effect, and also since writing that article, I’ve taken to adding a few dashes of Orange Bitters just to add a bit of complexity to the drink. Also pickled lemons add a bit of salt, and give you an edible garnish which I also prefer….and I stir mine, because it’s better.

Still he doesn’t disappoint….finally a ruined drink!!

Really not TOO bad, just WAYYY too much sugar, as well as too much water to dissolve it, making a drink that looks like swamp water when served.

Still it’s not as bad as this abortion!

And before I get too high-and-mighty, I have been known to cut a few corners on a Sazerac if I’m mixing them on the road!

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