Awesome News On The Arm Brace

The idea that the pistol brace is NOT a shoulder stock and the BATFE has NEVER considered it as one….but you could MAKE it a shoulder stock by shouldering it is insane.

Using the blade of a knife to tighten a screw does NOT make your knife a screw-driver….and conversely putting a key ring on a switchblade doesn’t protect you from places that ban such things because your spring-activated knife isn’t a “Switchblade” its a “Novelty Key chain!”.

Also let’s talk about the elephant in the room. People have been shouldering these things no matter what the ATF has said. People are using these as a work-around for Short barreled rifle builds….and there should be nothing wrong with that because there is SO much wrong with the definition and regulation of Short Barreled rifles and shotguns.

The only reason this crap exists is because the NFA originally controlled ALL firearms but conventional rifles and shotguns. Yep, if the anti-rights forces had their way it would cost you $200 and 6+ months of your life to buy a REVOLVER!!! And everything but what we now consider a standard “Rifle” or “Shotgun” would be registered by the NFA.

That foolish idea died the death it deserved, but when the antis were trying to ban all handguns by cost (Remember back then a decent revolver was around $25), they needed to define handguns from rifles and shotguns, so the idea of a “Concealable” rifle or shotgun became a restricted weapon.

It DOES make sense if handguns are heavily restricted….but in a world where your carry gun can be a .460 S&W Magnum, or an AR-15 Pistol, or a Taurus Judge loaded with buckshot, it is VERY VERY stupid.

Also paired with a good suppressor, a short AR-15 (no matter how it’s classified) makes for an AMAZING home defense weapon, as 5.56 bullets are prone to tumble and fragment when it hits any resistance, meaning it penetrates building materials less than the ubiquitous 12 gauge buckshot.

Of course the idea that suppressors are also restricted is also foolish, and anybody who tries to claim that noise moderators should be restricted or illegal, suggest to them that car horns should be set at a legal minimum of 150 dB.

The idea that “Guns should be loud” makes sense until you realize that they are so loud that you can damage your hearing for life if you accidentally are near a gunshot in close proximity with no ear protection.

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  1. Loess says:

    Already ordered a brace to go on my 300blk pistol.

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