Blue Napalm Clean!

So as a stay-at-home Dad, I do a lot of cleaning.

My wife found this concoction online, then lost it, then found it again ect. So I’ll put it up here where I can find it again, and maybe you all will enjoy it.

I don’t know the official name for this stuff, but I call it “Blue Napalm”. It is ideal for cleaning tubs and sinks, and might work on toilets.

1/2 Cup Original Dawn dish soap (the blue stuff)
1/2 Cup white vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda

Mix the soap and vinegar into a large container, then slowly add the baking soda so as not to create a foaming mess.
Next wet down the item you want to clean, and smear the foamy gel all over it.
Let it sit for at least 10 mins so it can penetrate into the grime.
Scrub with a mildly abrasive sponge (I like the green plastic ones) until things look pretty clean.
rinse THOROUGHLY! This is the hardest part as this stuff just wants to hang on and foam up. I like to rinse it until all the blue is gone, and the tub is filled with suds, then walk away for a while and let the bubbles pop, then rinse again. It should be gone after 3 tries.

Enjoy your good-as-new tub!

Child labor highly recommended.

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