He’s At It Again

Michael Bloomberg is dumping huge amounts of money in a vain attempt to turn free America into New York City.

One of the nation’s leading gun-control advocacy groups announced plans on Friday to spend upwards of $1 million in the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial and attorney general races even though a similar spending effort failed to flip control of the state senate in 2015.

Of Course Daddy Bloomberg is worth 53 BILLION Bucks so him dropping a million back into an election cycle he likely won’t win is like me spending $2 on 40oz of malt liquor.

The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, a New York-based gun-control group founded in large part by Michael Bloomberg, is donating $450,000 to Democrat Ralph Northam in his race against Republican Ed Gillespie. They’re spending another $250,000 on mailers supporting Northam. The gun-control group is putting another $300,000 into Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring’s reelection bid.

According to sources (and the fact that Bloomberg is backing him) Northam is a type-A Anti-gun Nut. Of course we all still remember Herring’s petulant little jab at concealed carry holders in the entire nation. He couldn’t get the horrible New York style laws he wanted in Virginia, so he had to do what he could.

Any surprise why he’s sitting on $300,000 still wet from Bloomberg’s hands?

The bottom line is Michael Bloomberg is going to die a billionaire, no matter how poorly he spends his money, he has so much of it, that spending MILLIONS in an election cycle won’t even make a dent. Still he’s a megalomaniac, he tried to shape all of America in his vision of New York city, and failing that he’s been attempting to influence the states one at a time to achieve the same goal.

We can’t bankrupt him, but we can make him lose interest. The last two election cycles he’s put out an exploratory committee to see if the American people like him. They don’t, so much that he’s removed his name from all the political groups he runs. Mayors Against Illegal guns became “Everytown for Gun Safety” and “Moms Demand Action”, with only a vague association with Bloomberg for the former, and Shannon Watts up front on the latter….but it’s all Daddy Bloomberg.

He knows he’s hated by Americans, so he’s withdrawn to where people aren’t pushed to give an opinion of him. We also hate gun control, and if we keep beating him his ego might get bruised enough that he’ll move onto somebody else…..or if we’re lucky just enjoy his retirement in one of his many luxury homes.

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