“Gun Death” Chris Cornell

Been a while since I’ve added to the “Gun Death” Files, but I felt the need to add to it after hearing about the tragic death of Chris Cornell.

It’s still early to know all the details in the story. There are many speculations as to his motives, but it seems beyond dispute Mr. Cornell ended his own life by hanging himself in his hotel room.

I chose this story because the anti-freedom activists are pushing hard that banning guns will somehow prevent suicide. They really need to, as they’re married to that 32,000 “Gun Deaths” per year figure, noting that approximately 19,000 of those deaths are suicides.

As far as I can tell this is NOT like Aaron Hernandez who hung himself because it was all he had access to in prison, or Robin Williams, whom many suspect ended his life by hanging due to an attack of dementia. Or even David Carnadine, who had the rope around his neck for….other reasons.

No matter how you slice it Chris Cornell was rich, famous, and in Detroit at the time. He could have gotten his hands on a gun if he NEEDED one….he didn’t.

The idea that we can ban guns to reduce suicide is pure insanity. Go look at suicide statistics, not only is there not a drastic difference in Suicide rates from permissive to restrictive states, but the United States as a whole doesn’t have a remarkable suicide rate. The ONLY thing you can say about the US and suicide is we have a high “Gun Suicide” rate….and what the hell does that have to do with anything?

I’ll close with my favorite song by Chris Cornell, It’s a shame he did what he did. I wish he hadn’t.

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