Gunblog VarietyCast Ep 131

EP131 GunBlog VarietyCast – Loaded Conversations with Sanford Man

For once, Florida Man had the day off.

Beth is on assignment — at Gunsite Academy! But she stops shooting long enough to send us a report.
Happily for Florida, the Sanford Man who shot someone to death is from Sanford, NC and not Sanford, FL. Sean tells us more about him.
Barron is on assignment and will return soon.
In the Main Topic, Sean and Erin discuss why Conservatives are from Mars and Liberals are from Venus. Or why their love languages are different. Or something like that.
Minorities with guns!!!eleventy!.. but Tiffany says to calm down. Actually, she says a lot of things, but mainly she says that this is a good thing.
Do you have to carry a gun out of state? Erin tells you what you need to know
Weer’d takes some audio clips from the first three “Loaded Live” podcasts to show you how much these anti-gunners hate you.
And our plugs of the week are our state level gun rights organizations.

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support.

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