Why I Drink Tea

Sorry, even REALLY good Kona coffee tastes lousy!

Tea tastes GOOD! And the Caffeine delivery of tea is better IMHO

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Meh… That’s pretty much what I think of tea…LOL

    • R Brown says:


      You’re just remembering Military ice tea…

      Black pekoe tea, luke warm,(cause all the ice went to the cooling trays for food service). No lemon (the cooks use all there is to degrease the grill tops). And just sugar.


  2. Andrew says:

    Tea is good, full of flavor, for mellowing out or warming up.

    Coffee is for when my asthma is acting up. Hot, full of caffeine, direct from the nearest mini-mart with lots of cream and sugar.

    The dregs of coffee, in the afternoon, when I am tired and need to wake up.

    But Tea for flavor.

    And I think NFO really doesn’t like tea…

  3. John in Philly says:

    And then there is Navy coffee.
    Almost always a percolator that might have served with Admiral Dewey, water that has just the hint of JP-5 bouquet, coffee grounds supplied by the lowest bidder, and a coffee measuring scoop that involves filling the coffee maker basket to the top. Add in the prevailing attitude of, “Don’t clean that, you’ll ruin the flavor!”
    If you can see the bottom of the cup through the coffee, you are doing something wrong.

  4. guy says:

    I remember as kids my parents took off and left my sister and I to our own devices. They had left a pot of hot coffee on the counter so we’d thought we’d give it a try.

    We tried every single combination you could think of and nothing made it taste less like ass.

    Today my sister drinks coffee like everyone else and I still think it smells like an electrical fire. You couldn’t make me put it in my mouth much less swallow it.

    • Dustin says:

      If I’m at work, needing caffeine, and the breakroom is out of the plain ceylon tea, I can tolerate coffee by mixing in both hot chocolate and chocolate milk. Barely.

  5. SouthernKahrCarrier says:

    I loved the tea talk on SQRPT the other week. I brew Darjeeling every morning, and have coffee every few months. My wife made me a tea cozy out of an old work coat. I’m not sure why every tea cozy I saw had puppies, flowers, or was pink. Thanks for posting this.

  6. R Brown says:

    As for the Coffee and Tea supplied to the services. There is a joint Army-Navy coffee and tea board that meets every so often to approve the mixture of tea leaves in teabags, and the grounds supplied to mess halls ( and misappropriated to the 1st Sgt’s Perculator (that hasn’t been scrubbed clean since it was signed for 15 yrs ago).

  7. Glenn B says:

    I like my coffee hot, black and nasty. That is not necessarily the same way I always like my women but I have enjoyed the company of a few that met that description.

  8. Glenn B says:

    By the way, those snowflakes (and those of you) who were appalled by their first sip of coffee probably also will not enjoy good whiskey, good whisky, most hard spirits, good strong ale or wine because they all taste pretty much disgusting the first time almost anyone tries them.

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