Not Anti-Gun Anti Self-Defense!

So get a load of this crap!

The parents of a California man who allegedly tried to rob a Starbucks in Fresno, but was thwarted by a Good Samaritan, claim their son was the victim of “excessive force.” They believe the man who police describe as a hero should face criminal charges and warn their son may file a lawsuit.

You’ll be pleased to know they have video!!

Pretty obvious that the gun is fake, the robber isn’t even treating it like a loaded gun. I will note that the law does NOT expect you to know weather a realistic gun is real or not, and it is certainly reasonable for all the people there to assume it WAS real.

That being said the knife is VERY real, as after he got brained with a chair the defender took it away from him and stabbed him a few times.

Now this is a GREAT reason why EVERYBODY should be part of the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network. One thing I love about being a member is it NOT contingent on firearms use. If you defend your life, be it with a pistol, a rifle, a chair, a knife or your bare hands, ACLDN will be there for you as a member.

Hopefully this case is just nutty enough that the Attorney General of California leaves it alone….that being said it’s California AND the only thing that needs to be done in that state for the family to file a civil suit is to hire a lawyer, and after this article their phone might be ringing.

One last thing that came to my mind watching the video. Since this is California, of COURSE the criminal was the only person armed…the fake gun and the knife he was using are probably both illegal under Cali law. But if the good Samaritan DID have a gun, I really do think things would have ended better.

So I will say that the defender could have shot Optimus Prime in the back, given that he was directly and imminently threatening the life of the cashier. That being said, I don’t think that would have been how this played out. I really think all it would take for this to have ended would be for the customer to draw his gun and order the robber to drop his weapons.

Remember most defensive gun uses end without a shot being fired. So what ended in a struggle and a stabbing could have ended peacefully. That’s something the antis never tell you!

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