Us and Them

Had Breakfast with my Parents this morning, so of course I needed to be watching their communist propaganda.

I saw this clip.

Watch the whole thing. First appreciate that Joe and Mika have a REALLY lucrative job! They COULD be picking up cans or returning shopping carts at the local supermarket.
Good for them!

Ok, seen it all? Ok I get it, a bunch of “Progressives” making fun of opposite-party President. I get it, I laugh at this stuff too, and honestly it’s a little funny that Trump is handing that big bucket through the driver’s side window.

But now skip to 1:17 one of the “Brilliant” panelists says “The Flat-bed part, that’s where you’re supposed to put it”.

Yep that’s the whole gag, everybody there are New York Liberal Elite, they probably have never actually SAT in a Pickup truck, let alone cruised around sitting in the bed of one….a part never called a “Flat Bed”, unless said truck has a custom rear with a flat bed…because that’s different.

Trump is from New York, so he’s equally as clueless on what a pickup truck is. That IS embarrassing, especially given that the Ford F-Series is the most popular vehicle in America, also note the #2 and #3 slots are also pickups.

But this is CLEARLY a case of people in glass houses throwing rocks, and a prime reason why we shouldn’t take political dictation from New York and LA.

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