Weer’d Does Indian

So you might have heard on the last Squirrel Report I tried my hand at Indian food.

I was looking for a cheater way to make Indian food, as several friends of mine who are from India always talk about how time consuming the food is.

But I found this video, and really it didn’t seem too bad.

Pretty easy. Not fast, but besides needing to marinate the chicken beforehand (LaWeer’da and I just went back into the kitchen after we had finished our dinner and mixed up the meat) it’s VERY straight forward, and even with this being my 1st time making the recipe, making this, rice and bread, AND having a VERY helpful 4-year old working with me (There will come a time when her helping me in the kitchen will subtract from prep time…currently it adds) it only took a bit more than an hour to make from when I first started chopping onions and measuring spices.

Also a note on the spices, if you have an Indian market anywhere near you you’ll find the spices there to be better and MUCH cheaper than at your local grocery store.

Also this turned out to be perfectly hot for me, but WAYYY to hot for LaWeer’da and Mommy, so I might even complacently omit the cayenne pepper from this, and shake a little on at the table if I want some heat.

And you read right, I said Bread.

I am NOT a baker….but we made 4 pieces, 2 from me, and 2 from LaWeer’da, and hers came out better. So the only note I can give is don’t be afraid to flour the dough so it isn’t a sticky mess!


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3 Responses to Weer’d Does Indian

  1. Angus McThag says:

    Your daughter is 4 already? Where did the time go?

  2. Loess says:

    Weer’d you should try making butter chicken. It’s in the regular rotation at our house, and our older boy even likes it as hot as we do. He’s not expressing too much interest in helping cook yet, but I know it’s not long till he does.

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