They Call Charlie Baker “Tall Deval”

Deval Patrick was the previous governor of Massachusetts, he grew up in Chicago, he’s insanly liberal and corrupt, and was friends with Barack Obama, so much that the “Yes We Can” mantra synonymous with the Obama Campaign was actually a Deval Patrick campaign mantra.

I had some hopes when Charlie Baker, a Republican, was elected. The reality is, like Mitt Romney before him “Massachusetts Republican” is an entirely different term than “Republican”. He’s done nothing on Maura Healey’s openly illegal re-interpretation of the Massachusetts (and Federal, by proxy) Assault Weapons Ban, and he stood by as a rush order was put in to ban Bumpstocks.

Now in the wake of the shooting in Florida he’s again showing his ass.

Charlie Baker is joining a chorus of voices rejecting President Trump’s proposal to arm teachers in the wake of last week’s deadly Florida school massacre.

“With respect to teachers, I don’t think more guns is the answer, in classrooms, to this problem,”

It might not be, but interestingly enough several states have added provisions to allow teachers and staff to carry on campus, and many more states have simply removed restrictions on campus on how guns may be legally carried. There have been ZERO shootings in any of these schools. Now this isn’t conclusive data, as spree shootings in general are exceedingly rare, and spree shootings in schools are a subset of those, so while the number of spree shootings in campus carry, or armed teacher schools is Zero, the number of all other shootings is approximately zero, statistically speaking.

But we do have lots of data on spree killers seeking OUT gun free zones, and also them stopping, and often killing themselves the moment somebody starts shooting back….so maybe it isn’t an answer, but it sure seems like a better plan than what anybody else is proposing.

“I think we should be doing a better job with many of the things we do here in Massachusetts to ensure that people who purchase guns have to pursue a process to get licensed to do so. It’s far more refined and restricted than it is in many other places.

It’s also likely illegal, but we’re going to have to send that up to the Supreme Courts. Interestingly Baker has opposed any Voter ID law, as have the “Progressives” in Massachusetts, because it is “Oppression”, but meanwhile paying $100 and having to take classes, do an interview, and get fingerprinted and photographed so you can exercise your 2nd Amendment rights is A-OK here. Wrap your mind around that one!

Oh and speaking of the “Vetting Process” for Massachusetts licenses. There isn’t one. No town denies licenses for anything outside of what would be a denial in a shall-issue state. But they WILL blanket restrict EVERY permit in the whole town (unless you are politically connected, of course), or will simply behave as a may-issue system.

BTW we’re talking about vetting from the police, as in the same people who let the Parkland shooter roam free despite every warning sign in the book being brought to their direct attention. Oh and here in Massachusetts we have a state trooper on paid leave because she was an active drug dealer….both before and during her tenure on the force!

But trust the government, they won’t fuck it up THIS TIME!

And the other thing I would say is that there are a number of school districts in Massachusetts, including the one where my kids went to school, where you have resource officers who are police officers in many of your schools at various times during the day, sometimes the whole day. Police officers are one thing, but teachers should be teachers.”

Like in Parkland, they had an armed officer on campus, and he was outside, and he chose to stay in safety than take a chance to save some lives. Police are trained to engage active shooters because the simple act of fighting back often ends the spree right there.

I can call the officer’s actions “Cowardly” or I could say he was just following human nature. Certainly if I’m in a spree shooting situation, my plan is to get to safety. That being said, if the aggressor is between me and safety, I will engage them, and unlike this brave man, I have a gun. Wouldn’t it have been BETTER if the people rushing towards the attacker could actually DO something?

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