Squirrel Report Update

So I’ll start by saying, as a person who’s been a regular contributor to several podcasts, and a guest on many more, I will say that interpersonal conflicts and creative differences happen at some level on every show.

Without getting into specifics the difficulties that cropped up within the Squirrel Report were no different than any other show with one exception, these issues were NOT resolving in off-air discussions.

That’s as specific as I’m going to get, please respect that, and I will delete any speculation or insinuation in the comments section in the unlikely event it should arise.

Because these conflicts were ongoing it was effecting how I felt about doing what was always my favorite show to do every week. It just so happened that my recent trip to Florida was a VERY well-needed week off for me and the Squirrel Report. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should do, and my personal resolution was that I was going to quit the show at the next major conflict.

My hopes were that MAYBE this time the issue would be resolved…but that was a naive hope and in reality I knew that I would not be on the Squirrel Report for 2019, and likely early 2018 would be my last show.

All that being said, I did not quit The Squirrel Report, I was asked to leave. So while I cannot say “We Parted Ways Mutually”, in reality my departing the show was the closest thing to that.

Now that I’ve had some time to contemplate things, while I’m saddened and disappointed it has come to this, I’m actually very pleased with this outcome. Besides my very naive hopes that issues would simply resolve and the wheels of creation would simply move freely and joyfully as they had in the past, the only other scenario is the show coming to a close much the same way the Vicious Circle did.

I’m glad for what happened, as this show is bigger than me. The show, for me, has always been about the fans. So if you were a listener to The Squirrel Report, DO NOT STOP! I was not on every week, and those weeks when I was unavailable to record, I listened to the show like everybody else, and take it from me, the show is good!

So keep listening, and keep enjoying, that’s what podcasting is about!

As for me, well it does make 2018 a rough year in Podcasts for me, with Gunblog Variety Cast shuttering its doors on December 31st, and now this. But as I said before, I’m working on a new show, and we’re making great progress, I should have some new news to give you all hopefully within a month (right now I’m dealing with some very frustrating hardware issues, but they could resolve themselves at any moment), so stay tuned here for updates on the new Weer’d Beard Produced show.

I owe a lot to the cast of the Squirrel Report. Jay really helped grow by blog and my public persona. Breda was the driving force to me creating this Blog, as well as giving me my first guest-spot on a podcast on her first show. Alan created the aforementioned Vicious Circle, which was my first regular gig, and the cause of my podcast addiction.

The Squirrel Report was the first show where I was a creator, and because of that it was indeed the most fun I had every week….but the fun had ended, so while sad, this is truly the best outcome.

So continue to listen and enjoy, and you will soon hear more from my new show.

Goodnight Internet.

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12 Responses to Squirrel Report Update

  1. fast richard says:

    I’ve long enjoyed your unique podcast contributions. I especially liked your regular audio fiskings on Gun Blog Variety Cast. I hope you can resurrect that as part of whatever you put together. In the decade plus that I’ve been listening to podcasts there has been plenty of turnover of both people and shows. Best of luck.

    • fast richard says:

      Also, I enjoy the occasional updates on your daughter, as I was once the stay at home Dad of a little girl. She is now all grown up and has here own little boy.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Awesome, I’m trying to get her to put away her toys and get her butt to school.

        I’ll also have you know I was cutting audio for future gun fisk segments. I enjoyed that part of GBVC intensely (despite it being much more work than any of the other stuff I do) so it will be back, hopefully rather soon.

  2. Riley says:

    Any time it’s mentioned on the squirrel repot FB page, it seems to be met with quite a bit of hostility, but I’ll say it here anyway. I’ll preface this with I like the squirrel report, and I listen most weeks. I loved VC. I spent every episode laughing myself to death. I get that the squirrel report is a different show. But I do miss laughing every show.

    Looking forward to giving your new show a listen Weerd.

  3. Mdev says:

    Going to miss you.

    You asked us not to speculate so I won’t but it does make me think.

  4. Wally says:

    Aw hell, let’s go down to the nudie bar and pick up some new podcasts !

  5. "lee n. field" says:


  6. Wayne says:

    I followed you from handgun radio to the Sqrpt and whike i enjoy the podcast there is a lot missing when you arr not there. You were a big part of what i listened for. Dont know what happened and will not speculate. The world survived the beatles breakup they will survive the SQRPR imploding. Just have them watch their toes when they shoot themselves in the feet.

  7. Rodin says:

    Only reason I started listening to the Squirrel Report was because of you Weerd. I heard you mention it on several gun podcasts you were on. I’ll give the show a shot for a few weeks, but I don’t think it’s gonna be the same without you. Maybe the FRN can give you your own podcast? Best of luck!

  8. Franco says:

    Just heard the SQRP show & was waiting for your introduction…. Then the Bomb dropped! What? No more Weerd Beard?….. Can’t be…., Not cool man, Not cool! I too am a fan from handgun radio. Honestly, your contribution is 3/4 of why I listen. Your “Style” is like no other. And now the shock… It’s like when I found out Santa Claus isn’t real. Bummer. That being said, Weerd Beard, We need you to strap on your boots, get to fighting, & get back to podcasting. Your Country Needs You.

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