Another Reason to Oppose Red Flag Laws

As somebody who actively seeks out anti-gunners to point out their lies and ask them to justify their positions, I’ve picked up more than a few haters. Some have become a problem and needed police intervention. Some probably WANT to be a major problem, but are too incompetent.

I may be biased, but I think there is an over-representation of people with severe anti-social tendencies in the anti-gun world, and that they are anti-gun either because they are prone to violence, or frequently push others to violence against them with their inability to play well with others. Fear of getting shot is a good motivation to disarm others.
Recently Erin talked about this little creature
For those not interested in diving in, this guy (who by the way has made all sorts of libelous comments about me, as well as threatened to doxx me….and surprise surprise, Youtube doesn’t seem to care) decided to call me “Queer Beard”. I assumed it was an auto-correct error, so I simply called him on it to see his embarrassment….except it wasn’t.

Anti-Social, Anti-Gay cyber stalker for gun control, color me surprised. I frankly haven’t been baiting him that much recently because #1 he’s a nobody and #2 I am concerned he’s dangerous. But I went against my better Judgements the other night here.

This is the end result:

Yep, not only is this troll (who I know is from Virginia) threatening to Doxx me, but he is also threatening to abuse the Massachusetts Red Flag Laws. These are terrible laws just because they violate both the 2nd and 5th Amendments, but also it is only a matter of time before they are used as a tool of political violence.

Remember this!

Also I will note that so far all his threats have appeared to be empty, I will update if this ever changes.

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