Bad Marketing

So at SHOT Show this happened:

Their hostility was because of THIS train wreck of an interview:

The Reformation was a bit of football bat, but I LIKED what it was doing, but FA was answering a question that nobody asked, and with that you need a GOOD pitch…and they didn’t have one, and I would argue one DOES exist.

Now I will note that their new Providence is REALLY fucking cool.

Looks like a double-action revolver type action put around a Pistol Caliber Carbine. Great idea, and given that my 10-shot revolver isn’t considered some sort of “Assault Weapon” I suspect they have a good idea.

And I will note that from the “Evil” Boys at In-Range came this coverage:

Now that Volleyfire seems like a complete gimmick….but all points made in this video are good ones…..Franklin is making enemies when they don’t need to IMHO.

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4 Responses to Bad Marketing

  1. This video would have been more informative if the background noise didn’t obscure the dialogue. Still … it seems to be an interesting design for a ‘niche’ product.

  2. Ratus says:

    I can’t comment too much on the Franklin Armory/InRange kerfuffle since we haven’t seen Ian and Karl’s response to the “questionable interview ethics” charges made by the Franklin Armory guy about the InRange Reformation video.

    I will say that the InRange video on the S-333 has sparked a lot more interest in it for me.

    Since I first saw it on TGC, I still think that it will show up in a Netflix/Amazon Sci-Fi show in the next six to eight months or so. It has that near future/cyberpunk aesthetic.

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