Quote of the Day: Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

This comment thread really encapsulated the mentality of the “I’m a gun owner but…” Anti-Gunners.     You can find some info on Mike “The Guy Guy” here and here.

But the dialoge between Mike and a Second Amendment Supporter is here:

Right. Knives kill more people than rifles or shotguns. But that’s not why I helped the people in Florida write the language of the AR ban. I helped them because I do not believe that we should give unlimited access to guns designed not for sporting use, but for military use. And the AR was and is designed for military use. The current model allows the trooper to set it either in 3-shot bursts or semi-auto fire. So when a trooper is in the field and sets his gun on semi-auto, is he now in battle with a sporting gun? And this may come as a great shock to you, but I am under no obligation to agree with your definition of what constitutes being pro-gun. Nor does this mean that I am any less supportive of people owning guns. I just don’t need to agree with everything the gun manufacturers want people to believe bout their guns.

Now note the Florida line is about Mike helping co-write Florida’s most recent “Assault Weapons Ban”….which by the way, either due to his complete incompetence or utter malice would ban nearly all semi-auto firearms.

When he gets called on this, and the fact that he is open about owning weapons he himself defines as “Assault Weapons” he says this:

I like to shoot the AR, okay? If a law was passed and I had to give it up, I would. Big deal. Sorry, but I don’t share your belief in the sacredness of the 2nd Amendment and if that makes me a bad guy and makes you a good guy, so what?

Note he’s talking about “Giving Up” his AR because they are already “Banned” in Massachusetts and under a tenuous “Grandfather Agreement” (I use Scare Quotes because there is actually nothing in the law to prevent door-to-door confiscation at this point, but also the Attorney General’s Edict is on such shaky ground, and is already on appeal to the US Supreme court, she doesn’t want to kick a hornet’s nest by actually DOING THAT….but right now if I was to die, my wife would be unable to sell my guns in-state…and ban compliant guns don’t particularly sell well out-of state….so essentially if this isn’t repealed it’s a waiting game). But Mike knows the law he drafted for Florida was an outright ban, with no Grandfather provision. You own an AR or and AK, or even a 10-22 in Florida, you would need to get rid of it, or face felony gun possession charges.

Again all of this because the AR-15 is a “Military Weapon” by Mike’s “Expertise”, and it’s too dangerous for ANYBODY but law enforcement and the military to possess….But it’s OK for him to have it until it’s ACTUALLY illegal.

The complete lack of any morality is insane there, nobody should have these guns ever….but unless .gov makes it illegal it’s morally OK for EVERYBODY to have them….or something.

I really didn’t quote him because he make sense, just to show how LITTLE sense the people who are the driving force in Gun Control in America make in general!

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6 Responses to Quote of the Day: Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

  1. Divemedic says:

    One thing I do agree with:
    “The current model allows the trooper to set it either in 3-shot bursts or semi-auto fire. So when a trooper is in the field and sets his gun on semi-auto, is he now in battle with a sporting gun? ”
    This is an admission that there is no difference in the lethality of full auto versus semi auto. I agree with that. I would further point out that it isn’t the mode of fire that matters, but how it is used. Let’s flip it around:

    “If possession of a semi automatic makes a person into a mass murderer, then is a soldier carrying a gun a mass murderer?”

    It isn’t the gun that makes one a murderer, murdering people makes one a murderer.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, if AR-15 are “designed to kill multitudes of people very fast”, as the current talking points go, then why do police departments issue them, and why are police exempted from all the laws?

      House of cards, the lot of it.

  2. Jay Hafemeister says:

    If “arms” in the Second Amendment doesn’t mean arms particularly suitable for military/militia use, what kind of arms does it protect a right to?

  3. William Ashbless says:

    It seems that mikethegunguy.com no longer exists. I check up on him pretty regularly and About three days ago I think he actually pulled the plug.
    Or, one of his masters pulled the plug on him.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      His site is down….he’s still the rightful owner of the URL (I tried to buy it before he came back) but a quick search on the net and he’s currently writing articles for Medium, and so fart the two he’s written have been A) not been about guns and B) completely unread.

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