ATF Logic

So this is a breaking story:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the United States Postal Inspection Service has arrested a Florida man and seized his websites ( and for selling a drawing on a piece of metal.

The ATF raided and arrested Kristopher Justin Ervin, 41, of Jacksonville, FL, for manufacturing machine guns. Ervin did not sell or make any firearms.

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The man sold a credit card-sized piece of metal with an outline of a lightning link.

So yeah this is their company banner:

I guess this means we’re all felons now, because that picture is on my website, and now it’s on your device you’re reading this on.

If you don’t know what a Lightning Link is, well here’s a PDF for you to read that includes technical drawings, which I assume are also illegal Machine guns. Essentially a lightning link is a drop-in auto-sear for an AR-15 pattern rifle, and it’s so simple you could 3D print one, you could probably cut one out of a soda can with a pair of scissors, and there are examples that are registered on the NFA as transferable machine guns, and full-legal examples command a VERY high price, especially given that you’re simply buying a piece of sheet metal.

So yeah if that shit is all machine guns…..and THIS shit is Machine guns…..

(BTW watch that video, it CLEARLY shows that a bump stock you physically pull the trigger for EVERY shot.)

So if all these things that aren’t even firearms are all “Machine Guns” what about this?

Yep, I think all these people own full-auto machine-revolvers!!!!!11!!

Seriously, try explaining this bullshit to a non-gun-nut and see if they even believe you!

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  1. Ratus says:

    The bigger problem is that the Lightning Link was designed to work in Colt SP1 due to the lower and the way the bolt carrier is cut.

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