TSA Terrorists

Uncle reports on this story.

Short recap a little girl gets sexually molested by the TSA.

A coworker just got back from a vacation in Paraguay. He goes through the scanners, I did point out that our business would be shut down if we had Scanners like that that have no documentation available on the amount of radiation emitted, nor a service and calibration log available to all to ensure the machine is working properly. Further the TSA will confiscate any radiation badges from travelers that will tell them how much harmful radiation they have just been exposed to both in the scan, and waiting in line around the scanners.

Still for his wife she allegedly moved during the scan causing her image to be blurred. To TWO TSA goons sexually assaulted her.

He stood right there and watched his wife be sexually molested. He was PISSED. We all need to be pissed!

Also remember that certain women seem to be groped more often, most likely because the screeners find their bodies attractive. We also know several TSA agents have been busted for Child Pornography.

Why do you think these goons are touching the genitals of children?

Disbanding the TSA isn’t enough, we need to charge these people with the horrible crimes they are committing.

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  1. Rob Crawford says:

    Really? They’ll confiscate exposure badges?

    “Officer, I need that. I’m a radiology tech and I have to be careful of my exposure from ALL sources.”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, was a big thing when these scanners first came out. The DHS sheets were all redacted on what radiation and how much would be used, so a bunch of lab rats who worked with radiation sources attempted to wear badges through the scanners.

      The badges were all confiscated.

      At least there’s a chance these degenerates will get cancer for their crimes against humanity.

  2. Bob S. says:

    The TSA goons in San Diego tried to claim the INK on my wife’s silk screened T-Shirt caused an anomaly. Pink and Green Fluorescent ink — not even metallic sparkles.

    I had gone through and was getting dressed again — and putting my Butane Torch style lighter (illegal to carry through) back in my pocket — when I heard my wife raising a ruckus.

    I think the machine pinged on the metallic elements of her tissue expanders – something I didn’t think was supposed to happen.

    I got her calmed down a little bit; after she announced in a voice that carried through out the terminal “If you want to grope a breast cancer survivor, go ahead and do it right here in front of everyone”.

    In the mean time, their own internal testing shows the screening process isn’t effective.

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