Carpet Bagger Go Home!

I have a pretty deep hatred of Scott Brown. He campaigned as a strong conservative in Massachusetts and he WON!

Unfortunately he broke every promise he made, and cut hard Left. So hard left that he makes John McCain and Mitt Romney look like a Republican. To further show his stupidity as a politician he got his ass kicked by far-left no-talent nanny-stater Elizabeth Warren. You give the people a choice between a fake Democrat, and a real Democrat, they’ll elect the Real Democrat every time. See also above mentioned John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Now he’s trying to inflict his crappy brand on New Hampshire, and thankfully the Granite State seems to be on their game.

Scott Brown attracted more than 125 pro-gun conservatives to a GOP holiday party here Thursday night — but they came to protest his appearance, not to hear him speak.

The spectacle — protesters outnumbered activists who coughed up $50 to see Brown — was a stark illustration of the treacherous political terrain facing the 54-year-old New Hampshire transplant if he launches a Senate bid that’s looking more likely by the day.

Have a look at the videos of the protest here. Boots on the ground reports are saying the numbers were closer to 300 than the reported 150.

New Hampshire deserves better than the horrible Scott Brown.


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3 Responses to Carpet Bagger Go Home!

  1. HerrBGone says:

    I once had the “ privilege “ (air quotes) of meeting then senator Brown. This was not long after the news broke about Operation Fast & Furious. During the meet and greet after his speech I joined the line to actually shake the senator’s hand and say ‘Hi.’ When it came to my turn I shook his hand, introduced myself, and asked ‘Since you’re in Washington and much closer to these things than we are back here in Massachusetts, what can you tell us about the investigation into Fast and Furious?’ I have never seen someone go so suddenly pale in my fifty plus years! His eyes got wide and went back and forth between mine and the NRA member pin on my collar several times. He stammered out something about ‘I’m mostly concentrating on jobs…’ Then one of his handlers indicated that it was the next person’s turn.

    I wasn’t impressed meeting the man, and I’m much less impressed with his voting record. That said, even if someone is not what you might call impressive in person I would still vote for them if they have a voting good record. In the end, that’s what really counts.

    BTW: I’m the same HerrBGone that sent in the talkback that allowed Cam Edwards to address what we were all silently thinking about F&F on air for the first time. I wish the show was still on in the evening! We’re not allowed to stream at work. Something about eating up all the bandwidth…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah, Brown was all sizzle and no steak. I was so impressed with him that he became the first politician I ever donated money too. Sadly I became so disappointed with him that I’ll probably never donate to another ever again. Well that and because in the last three Presidential elections I was the guy rooting for Duncan Hunter, Fred D. Thompson, and Hermon Cain. What do all those candidate have in common? Yeah, glad I didn’t donate to any of them either.

  2. HerrBGone says:

    Weerd, you’re not the one who was pulling for them. I actually cast a symbolic vote for Fred in the primary even though he’d already dropped out.

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