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Another REALLY cool drink

Man, this sounds and LOOKS awesome! I don’t think my wife would be happy with all the flame play in the kitchen, tho alcohol flames are fairly cool. Still did you notice he kept his gin in an ice well? … Continue reading

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Now This looks like a Cool Drink

Dunno if I’d invest in all the equipment, but man that looks neat!

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Tonight’s Drink: The Mai Tai

So here is a VERY interesting drink: the Mai Tai! Originally created by a Bartender for Trader Vic in 1944, and likely reverse engineered by many restaurants during the height of the Tiki Bar craze. Because of this there are … Continue reading

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Perfectly Illustrated

For those who didn’t believe me! And you can actually FEEL the difference between the two drinks when you drink them. I won’t lie, sometimes I LIKE that shaken feel specifically when it comes to a Manhattan. Furthermore I tend … Continue reading

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New Bartending Tecnique

I’ve seen this around, but never in an instructional format: Interesting. Note she talks about “Bruising the Gin”, I first only heard this term in James Bond novels, and like .32 ACP having great stopping power (and note in the … Continue reading

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Not ALL Pink Drinks Are Bad

Co Worker went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, and she took a picture of one of the bar menus. The drink was called a “Fenix”, and the recipe called for Triple Sec, Chartreuse, Campari, orgeat, lime juice, and … Continue reading

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Cool Cocktail Video

Via Breda: The “years” is more the popularity of the drink rather than the year it was fist mixed, hence the Old Fashioned which got it’s name because it was one of the first drink mixes to sport the name … Continue reading

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Interesting Variation of the Daiquiri

I can’t remember if I said this here, but I don’t like to use simple syrup in cocktails because I see it as “empty calories”. It just makes the drink sweeter, it doesn’t add flavor or character. maybe if you … Continue reading

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From the Farm Dad Files

So yeah, Now I have two bizarre bits of blogfodder, so now I really need to get off my ass…. First is obvious…and awesome! Second is what I might call “Alcohol Abuse” Road crews spent hours cutting a delivery truck … Continue reading

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Great Cocktail Video

Damn Now I want to find all those things for my bar and mix this drink! This is how I make many of my unique drinks….I guess they are 100% unique in the sense told by this video..

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