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Organic Free-Range Deer

Now this is a very interesting story: A decades-long national decline in the number of hunters has prompted states to tap into a new group of hunters – people who demand locally produced food, but don’t know the first thing … Continue reading

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How the Antis View Carry

DC is being forced kicking and screaming into the 21st Century of gun rights. Go read the whole thing, but the bottom line is to get a DC carry permit you need 16 hours of training. That training can ONLY … Continue reading

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Cheap Wine Reviewed By An Irish Brewmaster


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The Drinking Age

Some great points here. First up, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Either you are an adult under the law. Now the age of majority is a variation of the Numbers Game, but honestly unlike magazine capacity or … Continue reading

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Oh My God NO!!!

Will he die? If he doesn’t, he wished he would for sure!

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This is just Sad:

OH NOT! NOT PBR!!!! Pabst Blue Ribbon — my beer, your beer, America’s beer — is now in the hands of the Russians. In broad daylight the other day, a Russian brewery — Oasis Beverages — wandered within our borders … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Thunderbird

A whole song devoted to the king of Hobo Wines! yes I’ve drank it. No, I never finished a bottle! Too nasty! What’s the Word? Thunderbird!

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I Really Expected it to Be Worse!

So I saw these in a store a while back. I was REALLY grossed out, and didn’t buy it. But the question loomed in my mind… HOW BAD??? Well I picked up some beer at the local liquor store to … Continue reading

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Squirrel Burger In Paradise!

I hate Jimmy Buffet, but I couldn’t resist! Tonight on the Squirrel Report we talk about Cheeseburgers! How do you make ‘em? Also there will be politics. The “Progressive” view of the Constitution, Ebola, Should Scotland Be free? Plus more! … Continue reading

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He’s Doing Something Right

Wild Turkey maker reaches 60th year in business Jimmy Russell strolled into a roomful of tourists, and soon the patriarch of Kentucky bourbon was surrounded by fans, posing for pictures and autographing bottles. The man behind Wild Turkey even took … Continue reading

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