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Hunting With an AR

Got asked by the blog proprietor to link this post. It’s rock-solid! The history of hunting firearms in the United States has been tied to technology developed for our military since the Civil War. Prior to that, our armed citizens … Continue reading

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Shameless Podcast Whoredom

So I was chatting with Chester Murphy about when his next podcast was coming out. He asked “When are you free?” So yeah we did a fun little romp of random podcast tomfoolery, and I shamelessly pimped The Squirrel Report, … Continue reading

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Give Some Thanks

So it’s Thanksgiving, and soon I’ll be heading up to Maine to spend some time with my family and eat too much dead bird. Still I have to be sappy and talk about what I’m thankful for! My baby messes … Continue reading

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Organic Free-Range Deer

Now this is a very interesting story: A decades-long national decline in the number of hunters has prompted states to tap into a new group of hunters – people who demand locally produced food, but don’t know the first thing … Continue reading

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How the Antis View Carry

DC is being forced kicking and screaming into the 21st Century of gun rights. Go read the whole thing, but the bottom line is to get a DC carry permit you need 16 hours of training. That training can ONLY … Continue reading

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Cheap Wine Reviewed By An Irish Brewmaster


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The Drinking Age

Some great points here. First up, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Either you are an adult under the law. Now the age of majority is a variation of the Numbers Game, but honestly unlike magazine capacity or … Continue reading

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Oh My God NO!!!

Will he die? If he doesn’t, he wished he would for sure!

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This is just Sad:

OH NOT! NOT PBR!!!! Pabst Blue Ribbon — my beer, your beer, America’s beer — is now in the hands of the Russians. In broad daylight the other day, a Russian brewery — Oasis Beverages — wandered within our borders … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Thunderbird

A whole song devoted to the king of Hobo Wines! yes I’ve drank it. No, I never finished a bottle! Too nasty! What’s the Word? Thunderbird!

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