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I’m Totally Making this!

This looks SO awesome! Looks so Good!

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He Scared Me For a Moment

This is a dude I like to bag on for being a hack bartender….then he goes and does this: I personally take my Negronis Up in a cocktail glass, but on the rocks is perfectly acceptable. I dock him points … Continue reading

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This Looks Really Good!

I may have to try this: “Center Court Strawberry Smash” I made a strawberry smash for my wife with strawberries, St. Elder, white rum, pechaud’s bitters and seltzer….never fully work shopped it to get the ratios perfect, but it came … Continue reading

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A Perfect Drink for Any Time!

And I mean it! So the Corpse Reviver #2 (well the whole “Corpse Reviver” cocktail family) were designed as a “morning after Drink” to clear the head and to relive a hangover. I don’t really subscribe to the “hair of … Continue reading

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Maine Recipe: Potato Salad

So I went over to Vector Manor for dinner. I knew there was going to be grilled salmon as the main event, and I just thought Potato salad sounded like a good idea. One problem, I don’t much care for … Continue reading

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Bar Tending On The Road

Since we drove to the NRA Convention, I had no choice but to pack my travel bar. Witness now, Weer’d, in the most modest of accommodations attempt to make a classy cocktail! Great times!

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A Beautiful Bartending Video

And I LOVE Gin! Haven’t had all of these….I need to check the rest off my card I like how he breaks it down almost mathematically, which is really an easy way to understand how cocktails work.

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Interesting Bartending Videos

So I subscribe to this Japanese Cocktail channel. It’s 100% Japanese with no English subtitles or even instructions. In stead you get to watch the TECHNIQUE of these bartenders in the Japanese style. They are VERY methodical, which gives it … Continue reading

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No Squirrel Report: Emergency Backup Podcast Deployed

Alan is feeling under the weather, so no Squirrel Report….but Ratus called me up and we chatted for a while. Hopefully it’ll scratch the itch! I had to use that graphic again!

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Drink Pornography

Just amazing! The images are scintillating, the talk is deep and true…..I need a drink!

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