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Squid Sex

Too much Serious, talking about racism in politics and such. I felt like a Marine Biology post. Since I’d just returned from an Anime Conference, the discussion of tentacle sex came up. Of course the Japanese are interested in something … Continue reading

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Leaving you past mistakes Behind

As a follow-up to the comments in this post I’ll lead with a quote from Buddy Mike W. I should also point out that one of my favorite SCOTUS justice (Hugo Black) was also a KKK Member, but his history … Continue reading

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Angry Bigots

One of my favorite hate-filled bigots is this nasty shell of a woman She’s from Maine, and essentially has a blog that’s entirely 1 part narcissistic preening and 10 parts frothing rage against the right-wing. (FYI the “Right Wing” is … Continue reading

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Good Days and…

Well the McDonald Decision is awesome, looks like Blog-Buddy Bob S.’s wife Kimberly is going through her pre-op for breast cancer surgery Sounds like Bob’s in a similar boat as me, very good prognosis, but its no fucking fun, fer … Continue reading

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Another 5-4 Victory

Looks like Chicago has lost the Supreme Court Case against their handgun ban It also means the 2nd Amendment is now officially incorporated in the states. This will have HUGE ramifications, just as the Heller Case (which spawned this case, … Continue reading

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Back from the Convention

Quite tired, had a good time, and probably one of the smoothest running conventions since inception. As usual I come back with some bizarre videos I deeply enjoy. Love the Shoes, Love the Mussels! And this Puppy….oh! Ok I’ll be … Continue reading

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Former Klansman, Passed

Robert C. Byrd, , a conservative West Virginia Democrat who became the longest-serving member of Congress in history and used his masterful knowledge of the institution to shape the federal budget, protect the procedural rules of the Senate and, above … Continue reading

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Don’t Need a Gun to Protect Your Kids

Seems everybody is picking up on this video. Yep the Mom’s in the video could have used a bit more training in safe gun handling, yep whoever directed it was an asshole suggesting you shoot an AK in each hand … Continue reading

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Greenland Shark

Off to the convention today, but I thought I’d mix things up a bit. Got to reading about the Greenland Shark Neat fish given that they’re Squallids (The same family as Dogfish) but HUGE! Like the size of a Great … Continue reading

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I couldn’t agree more…or laugh more.

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