Disappointed, not Surprised.

I grew up in South Portland, Maine. I grew up VERY anti-gun. Of course in Maine EVERYBODY has guns. Hell my house had guns (Dad’s rusty relics of growing up in farm country), just anti-gun meant “Just for shooting Ducks and Deer”.

I’m amazed at how much my state is Slipping. As a general rule stupid laws like this will be deemed unconstitutional…but why give up your freedom for bullshit only to wait for it to come back??

This news story is from SoPo

The South Portland City Council is on the verge of prohibiting the possession of non-lethal weapons on public property – despite pleas from residents calling the proposal a violation of civil rights.

At its meeting Monday, the council voted 6-1 to amend a city ordinance to make possession in public places of weapons such as bows and arrows, BB guns, air guns, and slingshots a civil offense. Violators of the law would be subjected to a fine, though they would not be required to hand over the weapon. The council is expected to make a final determination on the amendment at its Oct. 4 meeting.

Seriously, People from Northern Maine always joked that “Southern Maine is pretty much Massachusetts!” Do you guys want to prove them right?

Support Paul LePage for Governor if you live in Maine. He Supports the Second Amendment and is against crap like this!

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  1. bluesun says:

    How much of that is homegrown, and how much is implants from out of state, do you think?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’d say maybe 50/50. Portland is the “Big City” of Maine and with that comes all the isolated crunchy-liberalism. I mean if there are enough people in your town that you can live a social life without ever talking to anybody who ever eats meat (despite there being a beef cow down the road in a field) you start getting these odd detached-from-reality mentality.

      Small-town areas such bigotry is a LOT harder, as you start babbling about “Terrorist rifles” and the lady doing your hair might say “I have an AR-15 at home, you think I’m a terrorist?”. Not to mention the Hair Dressers in the north all know how to field dress a dear!

      But yeah, Portland to a lesser extent IS a bedroom community of Boston (this gets larger when you head further south, and the area grows when you include tele-commuting) so there are lots of people who fled Mass because of the horrible quality of life…only to turn Maine into Mass. *spit*

  2. Wally says:

    We had a bill in the ME legislature in the spring – intending to split ME into two pieces. York and Cumberland county would be split off into a new state called “North Massachusetts”.

    Maine does have a very strong state law prohibiting any localities from regulating guns. No such strength for pellet guns or slingshots.

    I’m in So Po now and can’t wait to get stopped for carrying an airsoft….. Another reason to paint my glock orange 🙂

  3. Weerd Beard says:

    “a blade equipped EBR would also get the point across effectively.”

    heh you said “Point” LOL!

    Why not an M12 Trench Gun?

    I think that would win at all angles! Only a disgusting commie wouldn’t like a shotgun with a fucking SWORD on the end of it!

  4. Reputo says:

    So bows and arrows, BB guns, air guns, and slingshots are considered non-lethal? Would they like to volunteer to prove that?

    A freaking rock can be a lethal weapon, Drano can be a lethal weapon, even a sock can qualify as a lethal weapon.

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