Mainers Unite!

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At least a dozen men carrying guns Tuesday attended a public hearing at City Hall on a proposal for state legislation that would ban firearms from public buildings.

The gun-rights advocates said they were the first wave of a larger armed contingent who will defend their constitutional right to carry guns in public buildings in Portland or any other municipality in Maine.

City Councilor Dan Skolnik, who chairs the council’s Public Safety Committee, wants to build support for state legislation to ban firearms from public buildings where mass gatherings occur, or allow municipalities to do so.

With such legislation, Portland could ban guns from facilities such as City Hall, Fitzpatrick Stadium, Merrill Auditorium and the Portland Expo.

While we can talk property rights and banning of guns, such as discussed here But public land should honor the laws of the state. If I can carry on the sidewalk outside the Merrill Auditorium (and I sure have) and there is no additional security inside the venue (like at an airport or court house….which there isn’t) I don’t see the point to this law.

Plus we all know that these laws do nothing to stop violent people from doing violent things, and because no GOOD people with defensive arms will be within the “Gun Free Zone” it may even encourage them. Just about every mass shooting I can think of happened in a location where personal firearms were illegal. A little more than coincidence, don’t you think?

My friends in Maine, we need to STOP this crap!

FYI, let me know when the next of these protests happens, it would be a nice place to try out my new Dress Holster

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  1. Wally says:

    How did I not hear about this ? We are losing ground in Maine – that is unmistakable.

  2. Weerd Beard says:

    “We are losing ground in Maine ”

    Only if they can take it. Kick ass, and take names, and make the 2nd Amendment an issue in November.

  3. Wally says:

    Man, I busted hump with the gun ban in fed lands (Acadia, St Croix, Rachel Carson, AppTrail). Wrote a 4-page statement and spoke before the senate subcommitte. The bill author [Dennis Damon IIRC] said he’d ammend to allow CCW, then flopped out and the bill continued and eventually became the open carry ban in Acadia.
    And it’s because Acadia is speeeeecial. It’s idylic, it’s family oriented, blah blah blah – and much of that was coming from the folks on the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee. And I couldn’t get ANY local gunnies to show up. NRA legal showed up and sucked ass, SAM showed up and shifted the focus to ME state parks not allowing CCW (which they should by statute), and the President of Capitol City showed up…. But we were shoveling against the tide.
    Every granola muncher was out in force against it, and we (all gun owners) got a marvelous chastizing from the Acadia Chamber of Commerce.

    And the committee has 2 retired and 1 active LEO, all vehemently pro gun…. Just couldn’t swing it against the touchy feely emotional knuckleheads.

    …. I CCW always , only OC when running in the summer (around midnight on my schedule) – in my uber rural neighborhood. But if I’m in the deep dark woods, or the AppTrail? I’d want something larger than concealable.

    … and If there is an OC rally – I don’t have a suitable BBQ gun but I do have a peashooter chambered in 57PSH that would certainly turn some heads.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s really sad, especially given the Nature of current events

      And this is fucking MAINE!!! When I was growing up I didn’t think there WERE any gun laws because the place is so gun friendly….of course there is a reason why I don’t have much love for the Deer&Ducks gun-owners. So long as the law doesn’t cover their semi-auto hunting guns, and the .38 they keep in the nightstand, they don’t see the need to raise a fuss.

      As for BBQ Guns, I dunno if I’d want to lug the 57mm around for very long. You had a nice enough holster for your Glock at the Blog Shoot….

  4. Wally says:

    ~3 years ago, at another hearing in Augusta, I ran into a previous head of the police union. Very nice fellow. We were discussing OC, and his respone was that if someone called in a man with a gun, they would respond to the call (ok, I guess) and if they found someone leagally OC (not brandishing, shooting, poaching etc) his exact words were “you would not go away unmolested”. I’ll never forget those words.

    As I said, I’m all about discression, but if I need a an anti-swamp-donkey round, it’s not coming from a pistol.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      At Portcon a few years ago somebody called a “Man With a Gun” on somebody in a counterstrike costume with an airsoft.

      Cops were actually VERY nice and just told us to keep an eye on people taking props outside the convention center.

      But yeah there are a LOT of shitty cops out there who don’t like to put the blame where it belongs when a busy-body makes a stupid call, and feel the need to through their weight around.

      Makes the TONS of good cops (like the Portland PD we talked to that day….or the Scarborough cops who arrested me on an oddball warrent :D) look bad.

  5. Wally says:

    Too funny. Scarborough. BTDT. 12 years ago and finally caught up,costing me my NH CCW 🙁

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Maybe this tale is one for the Email, but I’m curious.

      FYI my arrest was simply an expired registration on a boat I was using for work that didn’t belong to me. Ticket was paid by owner, and I went on my merry. Well it turns out somebody forgot to inform the court that the check cleared, and I was nowhere to be found on court day. A failure to appear warrant was issued that was such a high priority that I sat at the address on the ticket for TWO YEARS before a bored rookie cop ran my plates.

      It all cleared up once I found the right phone number to call. But as I said the two Scarborough cops that brought me in were two of the nicest guys. One sat with the future-Mrs. Weer’d and kept her company while I was being printed and mugged. (Wearing a suit and tie none-the-less…was coming home from a Wedding on Black Point!) and the other guy was very nice and did let me know due to the age of the warrant it was likely bullshit.

      I ended up calling their superior officer to express how strongly I felt about their conduct.

      FYI, speaking of the other post, now THAT would be some camera footage I’d love to see!

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