Mookie has Friends in High Places

Make sure you’re sitting down before you read this story!

Paris HIlton was arrested in Las Vegas overnight on charges of felony cocaine possession, the Associated Press is reporting.

Be still my heart!!! There’s no way such a pure lady might be into hard drugs like Booger-Sugar!! But the Plot Thickens!

TMZ is reporting that Hilton says the purse containing the cocaine did not belong to her. Her attorney in the case — David Chesnoff, a Vegas lawyer who has represented numerous celebrity clients — also cautioned people “not to rush to judgment” in his interview with AP.

Whose Purse was it? We all know whoes purse it was!


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  1. bluesun says:

    Okay, I missed the original reference to Mookie, but I can’t figure out where you all found it. Could you share?

  2. hiroshi_tea says:

    the day Mookie and Sumdood join forces will mark the end of civilization as we know it

  3. Thomas says:

    Rich people doing cocaine? SNORE….who really cares?

  4. mike w. says:

    You mean Paris was riding the white pony? No way! I’m SHOCKED!

    Not that I have a problem with folks using recreational drugs responsibly.

  5. Paul Kanesky says:

    Was she the only female in the car??
    Did she steal her friends purse??
    Was her ID in the purse??
    Why is her friend still in jail??
    Can her friend afford bail??
    Paul in Texas

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, how about “Was this Paris Hilton, the same girl who was doing MOUNTAINS of Blow in that famous sex tape released a few years ago?”

      As a friend pointed out she’s on the “Hollywood Diet” which consists of staying thin by only consuming cigarettes and cocaine, and getting all caloric intake from brightly colored cocktails and seamen.

      If you find Paris Hilton and a bag of blow under any circumstances in close proximity Occam’s razor doesn’t need to be very sharp at all…

      • Thomas says:

        Hey, Hunter liked his blow too!

        He said it was “very subtle until you realized you were in a room full of naked people you didn’t know and your wallet was empty…”

        Don’t remember what book he wrote that in and it’s a paraphrase, but he did say that.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Got no problem with People responcibly using drugs, and honestly as obnoxious Paris is, she seems to keep her habits to herself and under-control (as opposed to Ms. Lohan)

          But let’s just say that if somebody gets a warrant to search the bed of my truck and a bottle of Tanquray Gin and a bottle of Wild Turkey 101….or maybe some Pabst Blue Ribbon (either in 16 or 40oz containers) I don’t think anybody would have any doubt who they belong to!

  6. Sarah says:

    OH BOY! We’re going to get another Paris Watch out of this, I’ll bet. Just what I wanted.


  7. Dixie says:

    I have no doubt that by the time Mr. Lawyer finishes his conspiracy defense, Lee Harvey Oswald will be blamed. Somehow.

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