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Emotional Appeal

So Laci The Dog (no link, fuck him!) recently linked this video supporting gun control. Filled with Emotional appeal, and VERY light on details. The stories I DO know about are Columbine and Virginia Tech. VT was a gun-free zone, … Continue reading

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High As a KITE

Wow, that’s just hilarious! Don’t do drugs kids…but if you DO do drugs, do it in front of a camera so I can watch it! 😀

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State of the Blog

So with my Nethack bug sated I think we can start getting back to more regular blogging. First up I have a nice anti-rights post brewing but I need a few hours to research it. I have a nice light … Continue reading

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A note from Management

Seem to be undergoing a pretty nasty spam attack over the last few days. Because of this high volume of spam, it increased the chances of legitimate posts getting permanently deleted. On normal days if your post doesn’t show up, … Continue reading

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Morning Random


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“Gun Deaths” Cars

Can’t compare guns with cars. Never, because guns are different. Guns are different because guns are different! Can’t compare them with cars. Brent Peace, 39, is facing a total of five charges. The charges are murder, aggravated vehicular homicide, felonious … Continue reading

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Yet Another Ascention Post

Well this is Ascention #3…in 9 years of playing Nethack. I had a 5 year dry spell, which is really sad given my first two were only 6 months apart. This game I also got a sick number of wishes … Continue reading

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I Teared up a bit

Wow, AMAZING video, and that old sniper still has it! I must say I’ve dabbled very little in long-distance rifle work, it is VASTLY more difficult than the chairborne rangers might think. I stick to Iron sights m’self. **UPDATE** Go … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Junkie

Having an infant requires a lot of devotion and selflessness. Of course when you add somebody who is both selfish and stupid, the end-result can be devastating. More than eight months after claiming that her 3-month-old baby mysteriously died overnight, … Continue reading

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Nethack Geekout

“You feel a strange vibration under your feet.” That’s a VERY good feeling!

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