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“Gun Death” Hidden Pregnancy

Stuff I will just never get: A Tennessee woman secretly gave birth to twin boys in a toilet in the home she shares with her parents and then smothered the infants and hid their bodies in a bedroom laundry basket, … Continue reading

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OK, Worth a Listen

Saw last night that Adam Carolla put up a podcast interviewing the revolting Michael Moore. I immediatly thought of this Tom Green Abortion from Nerdist, but knowing that I can always delete it if it goes off the rails, I … Continue reading

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“Sniper Rifles Capable of Taking Down a Commertial Jet”

We’ve all seen and heard the Propaganda: .50 Caliber Sniper Rifles capable of taking down a commercial jet. We call bullshit, the antis say we lie. Well The Duck links this interesting article. The NYPD began fitting police helicopters with … Continue reading

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Bear Arms

Wow, Wally told me about this one. Wildlife officials are warning residents that bears are on the prowl for food this time of year after a black bear was shot and killed Friday in a residential neighborhood in Maine’s largest … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Multiple

Of course “Gun Death” is more relevant than other violent crime because guns create multi-victim crimes. Two men were stabbed, one fatally, after a dispute early Monday in a downtown Minneapolis parking ramp near Interstates 394 and 94, authorities said. … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: My Theme

All the talk of Shanties got me thinking of This Gem I will note I do not know, nor have a met any members of the Mad Caddies, which makes it very eerie that they wrote such an apt theme … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Salty Songs

Offshore life is a dirty hard one, and until very recently devoid of women. The music bread in this environment takes on a certain crude tone that I find quite appealing. Fair winds and following seas!

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Too Good!

Bluesun Sent me this video thinking I’d like it. He’s right! On the channel I found this video which totally made me “Oooh” and “Ahhh” My Dad heats the house with wood, and because of this I’m pretty handy with … Continue reading

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Their Sinking Ship, and the Threat To Come

I wanted to expand a bit on my tongue-in-cheek titled post to clarify that indeed I am serious. A friend sent me this thread from Democratic Underground where a certain anti-gun troll gets berated by the leftists over there. Of … Continue reading

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Turn it Around

Morgan Freeman Thinks people dislike Obama because we hate blacks, what about this? “A Billionaire to pay the same taxes as a Jew…JANITOR!” Gaffe? Maybe. But let’s look at the man. Our President has ZERO love for Israel both with … Continue reading

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