Cool and Gross

Found this video REALLY neat!

Article Here.

A great white shark was caught on video defecating in front of a captive audience of scuba divers.

To the many smaller fish in the water, the massive yellow plume was far from gross. It might as well have been a dinner bell. The video shows them swarming toward the mass.

Pretty neat. Also might be one of the only instances of a White shark taking a dump on film. Sounds funny, but that was one of the things that really got me excited about Marine Biology, was that because the ocean was so vast and relatively uninviting compared to the terrestrial environment fairly mundane things like seeing a Great White drop a deuce becomes a major scientific discovery.

We really know so very little about the sea…

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  1. alcade says:

    We really know so very little about the sea…

    I never knew there were people out there who got excited about fish shit.

    But then here we are…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      No shit, huh? *rimshot* (I’ll be here all week!)

      Oh yeah, my Boss totally sent that video to me, she’s wayyy too excited to watch a Great White take a crap.

      I was taking an advanced Marine Bio course in college and the professor was a total algae g33k, and it seemed a bunch of other algae g33ks were taking the class, and the TAs were all into algae.

      Seriously, they had scrapbooks of pressed algae, they talked about dipping from volcanic springs to get algae samples, and cutting holes in frozen lakes to scrape a specific species of algae from under the ice.

      There is all sorts of strange stuff that gets people’s motor running…I’m no different!

  2. Zelda says:

    WOW, that was really hot. I hope you do that next time we meet.

    The Buxton Carbomb.

  3. Heath J says:

    Wow, that was impressively nasty dude.

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