How Far They Have Fallen

Back in my days as a supporter of gun control the group I always looked up to was the Brady Campaign. They worked to make those hot-headed thugs wait a week to “Cool Off” before getting a gun, and ban those evil semi-automatic machine guns. Of course all of that was bullshit, and the Media was their puppet to make the lies “Truth”.

Now with that gone they’re left to just being angry inflammatory trolls.

All “Progressives” are Trolls and Cyberstalkers, but the more desperate they get, the harder it is for them to conceal it.

Make no mistake, if the person you are talking to supports gun control, they are angry, hateful, and violent people. If they don’t appear as such it is ONLY because they are a good actor.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    So when they snap, what’s going to happen??? Will they actually come out in the open???

  2. MattW says:

    The internet is NOT anonymous. So much anger in those comments.

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