Massive Anti-Gun Support

Because he deserves a good ribbing Baldr Odinson again stood up for the Joyce Foundation in Oregon

This year I wasn’t able to get around to setting up a table for Ceasefire Oregon, but I did at least have a car for Ceasefire Oregon in the Peace Train, in the parade. The “Peace Train” is a mock train engine, colorfully decorated, behind which trail a number of wooden train cars, each decorated with the name of a local peace and non-violence organization or chapter. I painted and pushed the car for Ceasefire Oregon.

He even posted a video:

You’ll note that most of the cars have close to a half-dozen supporters pushing away and waiving to the crowd. The Brady Campaign’s Million Mom March Chapter managed two supporters, and ‘ol Baldr was by his lonesome.

To add more insults he added this:

I didn’t attach a sign well, and it fell off just before that video was taken. Luckily, a volunteer (Neil) carried it alongside at that point.

Dunno if “Neil” is a Ceasefire volunteer, or just somebody who felt bad for poor Baldr and his plywood train car that was falling apart.

BTW he has a video of the whole parade and the above video is the entirety of the “Peace Train”. What strikes me the most is the pure inanity of it all.

Now we have things like the North Coast Blogmeet, and the New England Blog shoot, and the gun blogger rendezvous, not to mention things like the NRA conventions, have HUGE turnouts. and note that some of these events are just social gatherings that also happen to celebrate guns, and our Second Amendment rights. I will say I’ve seen several people become new shooters, and avid supporters for our cause after a trip to the range in New Hampshire at the Northeast blog shoot. I’ve also seen several people buy guns that they first handled at the shoot. (I’d like to join the ranks of that soon).

Meanwhile did anybody even think twice as that plywood train roll by? I’m betting that I personally have given that silly train more attention than any of the people who sat around and watched that parade.

This is the best Joyce and Brady can do. Still they continue to exist so we mustn’t give an inch until they are as irrelevant as the Flat Earth believers, or the KKK.

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  1. 45er says:

    It makes me giggle. We have a better turn out when my friends and I get together for a weekend shoot.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Yep, irrelevant sooner rather than later, but they DO get a butt ton of funding to ‘support’ their causes… sigh

    • Armand K says:

      Actually, their funding is drying up.

      Brady could only pull in $4 million this last year, and many of the state organizations are having a hard time paying the electric bill, let alone doing any lobbying.

      Iowa’s local gun control front organization for example, “Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence,” got cut off from the Joyce Foundation teat a couple of years ago and had to fold due to the lack of any actual grassroots support.

  3. 45er says:

    Then, after I comment I end up on their website, get pissed off and decide to put some verbal boot in hypothetical ass. It’s all your fault, Weer’d. You get me riled up.

  4. North says:

    So should there be an anti gun blog black list to be fair?

  5. Phssthpok says:

    Oh how I wish I still lived in my beloved PACNW. I woulda been right there with my own ”Peace Through Superior Firepower” car…complete with B-52 ‘peace’ silouhette.

  6. Linoge says:

    A few months back, I organized a Knoxville gun blogger get together. There were more people at the range and at lunch than Baldr had for his sad little “car”, including the cameraman. And he is supposedly running/representing a state-wide organization, while my little shindig was a city only.

    “Gun control” extremists can scream all they like that they have the popular support of the citizenry, but the numbers and reality simply do not back up that assertion. Even today, they are nothing more than the loonies on the corner proclaiming that the end is nigh… the only trick is convincing them of that sad truth.

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  10. Cargosquid says:

    I decided to go check out ol’ Jason’s blog post at Mikey’s site. I think Jason broke it. This is what shows up when you go to Mike’s blog:

    Service Unavailable
    Error 503


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  13. Eck! says:

    Just one question…

    Don’t they know embarrassment?


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