We Can Know Them by their Straw Men

Baldr Odinson, like most people on the low-side of the bell curve thinks himself quite a bright shining star. I really enjoyed this post of his, but not in the way. Please go read the whole thing, I promise you’ll get a kick out of it, even tho it’s by a Joyce shill.

Really I do want you to read the whole thing, as I could Fisk the whole thing, but to be fair to Baldr I’ll let you read his work at his site, and I’ll just pluck up a few precious morsels that I think really show us a lot about Oregon’s Kung-Fu Panda.

First up the names are Hilarous: First its “Gum Control”, and the players are Mrs. Cali, Bradi, Wayne, and Rick. This is a technique of writing I often call “Sub-tle”, which is when subtlety is attempted and failed. So let’s dig out a few pearls from Baldr’s perspective of the world.

Mrs. Cali: Wayne, yesterday Tommy threw his gum into Bradi’s hair, and I had to explain to her angry parents why it had happened. The day before that, I stepped in gum that a student had dropped to the floor. Also, a quick look last week turned up at least a couple dozen wads of gum that had been left stuck underneath your desks. This has gone too far, and I refuse to allow it further.

Rick (smacking on chewing gum): But, Mrs. Cali, I haven’t been irresponsible with my gum. Why should I have to pay the consequences for other people’s bad behavior? It’s not fair!

Mrs. Cali: I’m sorry, Rick, but don’t blame me. Blame those who abused their right to chew gum.

So right off the bat you have one of the key tenets of gun control. Punishing the innocent while ignoring the guilty. Tommy got sent to the Principal’s office, but now we need MORE control? Did Mrs. Cali take note on who’s desks had gum under them? BTW I dunno about you guys but gum was 100% banned in my school system, and while it appeared to work in elementary school, middle school and high school there wasn’t a desk that didn’t have gum under it, and I remember cleaning the floor of my Dad’s classroom with a putty knife scraping flattened gum off the floor.

Bradi: I’m glad for the decision, Mrs. Cali! Speaking as a victim of gum violence, I feel very uncomfortable allowing people to chew while I’m trying to learn. Every day in this school there are at least 32 incidents of gum violence. Kids like Tommy and Rick only care about themselves and don’t think about others who could be victimized.

Common anti-rights hypocrisy. They make a self-centered statement, and believe that their opinion should be followed Carte Blanche…but THOSE PEOPLE are being selfish.

Wayne: Yes, but the Student Council recently ruled that Part Two applies to modern gum, and that every student has the right to have it.

Mrs. Cali: Sure, but they also said that individual classrooms could still determine how to regulate it. You are allowed to have gum in your personal locker and to chew it there, but when you step into my classroom, you’re not allowed to chew it.

Keep banging that State’s Rights Drum, Baldr. Its not like they make any effort to conceal that they favor State’s Rights to BAN guns and invoke restrictions, but will totally throw State’s Rights to the wolves if it means federal weapon’s bans.

Mrs. Cali: Okay, class, settle down! Now, I’m prepared to compromise. If you want to chew gum, I’ll give you a permission slip to do so in my room if I think you aren’t the sort to abuse it. If you mis-behave, then I’ll take away your permission slip. This is something that several other classrooms do.

Wayne: We shouldn’t have to get a piece of paper to exercise our right! Besides, the bad guys won’t bother with it and will still chew.

Rick: And who says you’re the right person to judge us? It’s too subjective!

Mrs. Cali: Rick, no one is a better judge of your behavior than me, in my classroom. And Wayne, this way I can keep track of who is exercising their right appropriately.

another “Sub-tle” analogy. Still curious that the teacher has such great judgement, but needs to do blanket bans…unless somebody has a piece of paper.

Baldr, while ham-handed with his analogy, does a great job at showing the redundancy of gun control. If we have an issue with criminals committing violent acts with guns (which is a crime) rather than doubling the effort on law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate the people behaving badly, anti-rights people create more LAWS that double the crimes being committed by criminals. The problem stays the same, and people who have done nothing wrong pay the price.

Wayne: If you issue a permission slip, that’s one more I’ll have to have, and I have to keep track of them all when I go from class to class. Plus their requirements differ widely. How many permission slips am I going to have to deal with? There should be only one permission slip required, and it should be as permissive as possible, like from Mr. Arizo.

Bradi: No way! A student like Tommy could get a slip from Mr. Arizo very easily, even though he’s shown a tendency toward gum violence here in Mrs. Cali’s class!

I see this Straw Man frequently being fielded by the anti-rights side about HR822. There are no states that issue gun permits to criminals. Period, Full-stop. The only reason why one person may not be able to get a permit in one state vs. another is because an issuing authority has been given the liberty to refuse ALL applicants. May issue really means No Issue, and it has nothing to do with “discretion”.

[Suddenly there is an argument outside the classroom door, then screaming as a boy throws gum into the hair of a girl. Students rush to the door to watch.]

OK at this point the analogy has been stretched to the breaking point…but I guess Baldr needed some sensational event to justify his already thin analogy.

This is how anti-gun people see

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  1. This also illustrates that they are not stop at anything short of a total ban. His argument against the permissions slips there is by no method he is willing to allow the right.

    My school was a gum free zone as well. Guess what, just about everyone chewed gum. Yet more evidence prohibition doesn’t work.

  2. MattW says:

    I got tired of reading his post less than a third of the way into it. He obviously sees everything in black and white. And forgetting that a comparison between regulating gum chewing and firearm possession in two completely different settings is misguided, I couldnt proceed after he started in on the “victimize” routine.

    By restricting ones ability to defend life and limb, you are asking people to accept the role of a victim.

    And give me a break, the whole load of crap about gum vs. right to snacks and candy? Go jump in a lake. Time and time again, countries like thr UK have proven it doesnt stop at guns. Guns are just the first step on a path of anti personal freedoms.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep. Still remember this is from the mouth of a blood-dancer. He would actually PREFER more people become victims because victims can be paraded out for more laws that cause MORE victims.

      Rinse, Repeat!

  3. Jack says:

    Once again we see that the Anti’s dream world is the school. A place of total top down order and control where no mater who started a fight both parties are equally punished, where anything can be banned, and most importantly where there are two classes of people: the teachers and the children.

    That they don’t see people as adult citizens but instead as children that *need* the guiding hand and wise judgment of the Mrs. Cali’s of the world.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      Exactly, that whole post seems like a Freudian slip.

      I commented the other day about the Zero tolerance nonsense where all parties in the fight, victim included, can result in punishment. What is that teaching children? You’re wrong for defending yourself!

      • Jack says:

        Think about what the whole experience of school is teaching children.

        As Weer’d says “modern Public school represents an ideal “Progressive” Totalitarian Dictatorship.”

        I know when I went through school I had to learn how to deal with mindless capricious bullying at the hands of pointy-headed “do gooders”.

  4. MattW says:

    @Jack, bingo. The heart of the anti freedom culture is that there are tao classes of people. The ignorants, and the enlightened. They believe themselves to be enlightened and that all people that do not agree with them are ignorant. Ignorants must be made to follow the enlightened class’ rules for the sake of all man-kind.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      +1 out of the park!

      Also Schools are unionized, so therefore beyond question (we all had great teachers, and teachers we know were honest-to-God Idiots, but the idiots were treated the same as the teachers who could actually DO their jobs), also Public schools are their own totalitarian dictatorship. A friend of mine went on a little misguided crusade where he attempted to “Save” several people we knew who were smoking pot. The administrators advised him NOT to contact the cops because the cops needed warrants to search lockers and school bags, and the school administrators don’t.

      Really the School model is the ultimate “Progressive” Totalitarian Dictatorship that they hope the whole world can become.

      Out-of-the-park, Jack!

      • Jack says:


        It gets worse and more informative the more you think about it.
        What if you wanted to move from Mrs. Cali’s class to Mr. Washington’s a couple rooms down the hall? Sure Mr. Washington is an old burnout hippy but he’s got much better “gum” rules.

        Well as a student you can’t. Not without the administrator’s permission.

  5. BobG says:

    That was one of the most clumsy, juvenile things I have ever wasted time reading. Why would anyone over the age of six think that mess was witty or amusing? Only someone on the left would think of the government as the educated one, and the populous as a bunch of unruly kids that need bossed around by a dictator.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And that’s EXACTLY why I wanted everybody to read it for.

      It was stupid and childish, and Baldr and his compatriots present it like it was witty and poignant, and would actually work if we damn gun nuts would just LET THEM.

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  7. Braden Lynch says:

    That was a painfully stupid essay. He thinks he is the “enlightened” one?
    There were too many reality or justice failures to count. He needs to go back to school.

  8. Cargosquid says:

    That was outstanding. It PERFECTLY outlined how the bigots see the world. And this line is the perfect example of how they think:
    “And Wayne, this way I can keep track of who is exercising their right appropriately.”

    Who are THEY to decide what is the appropriate way to exercise a right?

    • Jack says:

      In Baldr’s world, *they* decide because they are the teachers/adults. The ones that are educated and responsible enough to make such decision.

      Where Wayne and the rest of his little friends are mere children, who cannot run their own lives without adult supervision and caretaking.

      They see a nation not of citizens, but of overgrown children, literal wards of the state in desperate need to be tracked to make sure they behave.

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