Space Marxists

Having trouble sleeping, so I decided to do a little tab-clearing, and read this article many people have taken a shine to.

All I could think of was this:

The soapbox of The Day the Earth Stood Still was the fear of Nuclear total-war. I can relate to that fear. World War II had just closed with the dropping of two atomic bombs, it was natural to assume that any time the US felt challenged we’d simply drop more nukes until we got our way, or, more likely, the planet died.

Now I’m not 100% familiar with the Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s which supposedly was created to shame Communists and Communist-Sympathizers. I have no idea what the real significance of hiring blacklisted Sam Jaffe as one of the supporting cast was, but it seems to be mentioned in almost every article written about this film. (And given that it is probably the Citizen Kane of Sci-Fi films, there are quite a few).

Still Kaatu’s speech, and the overall theme of the film reeks of totalitarianism, and in the 20th Century (and seemingly going strong in the 21st) the leading totalitarianism was Marxism. The ultra-smart, advanced, and totally benevolent Alien comes to earth in an atomic spacecraft with a robot that can crush skulls and melt tanks, warning people that if they don’t give up nuclear weapons the entire planet will be destroyed….but they are a peaceful race without need for weapons…

The scary part of the speech is its said and presented without the slightest hint of irony. Whoever wrote that, and certainly the director, must have been true believers to not notice that Klaatu was BRUTALLY violent on his stay on Earth, and the races of “The Other Worlds” must indeed have weapons if they can threaten to destroy a planet…not to mention Gort himself.

This article seems about the same. “Super Benevolent Aliens” will wipe out humanity. Not one bit of irony at all.

This of course is no different than Terrestrial Marxists, where one submits to the party, or one is “Re-educated”, which may or may-not include a bullet to the head.

Of course such childish brutality is passed off as “Enlightenment”, and “Progressive”.

Not on my watch, Klaatu!

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  1. Suz says:

    There are plenty of valid reasons to conserve energy. The risk of alien attacks is not one of them. WORST case scenario: we somehow manage to damage our ecosystem and make the earth uninhabitable. So we die out. Period. This is likely to attract the attention (and wrath) of alien civilizations? Um, why? Just how important do we really think we are?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, I always strive for greater efficiency because
      #1. I’m cheap
      and #2. I don’t like to throw things away.

      I’m an avid recycler, tho I know things like paper probably waste more energy, and harms the environment more than it conserves. But if somebody wants it, and I don’t, what’s the harm in giving it away?

      I also turn all my light-colored T-shirts into gun rags and patches, and give away all my old clothes that are anything but total rags, or revoltingly stained with horrible stuff.

      But sorry, I won’t be driving any of those Electric or hybrid cars because #1 they’re a waste of money, #2. I want to be able to merge on the highway without being killed, and #3 I like to drive to Vermont and Maine to see family without having to spend 4 hours “Gassing up”

      • Thirdpower says:

        My Hybrid Prius gasses up in about 3 min. just like any other normal car and I get 48mpg avg. The gas savings have paid for 6 payments.

        Otherwise my house uses lots of CFL’s and recharge-able batteries. Not because I’m eco friendly but because I like the savings on my electric bill.

  2. Toastrider says:

    The original may have been irritating, but the remake with Keanu ‘Durrr’ Reeves would have been hysterically funny if it had been made for laughs.

    Hint to Hollywoodenheads: If your alien civilization includes matter-altering nanotech, it probably won’t care what the other races do to wreck their worlds. You could probably do planetary terraforming with that kind of industry.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I dunno about irritating, I mean it when I say it’s the Citizen Kane of Sci-fi. Really a brilliant film in writing, directing, and acting. Also for the early 50s the special effects are awesome.

      Just that final speech is hogwash. Or maybe you could put on your wookie suit on and see Klaatu as a charismatic villain.

      The overall fear of nuclear annihilation tho is a realistic one for that time.

      I will also add I have never seen the remake, and have no plans to. I like the original too much to see it shat on.

      I learned my lesson with The Godfather part III, and the new Star Wars films.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Go dig out the Original Story that they made the Movie from, and you’ll really see how Fascists the Aliens Are. Hint: “Good Cop, Bad Cop”.

    FWIW, any Aliens out there would probably first notice us by our Radio, then TV signals. So, they could be no closer than a 100 Light-Years from Earth, and they would have to have really good Receivers to pick up the Signal Attenuation. But to pick up our Changes in the Climate? They (or their Stealth Satellite/Moon Base) would have to be in Earth Orbit for the Last Hundred Years, taking Daily Data Readings.

    So this article was written by a MSM Hack to push “Algore’s” Global Warming Agenda. Just another piece of Propaganda to scare the Sheeple.

  4. mike williams says:

    Watching this reminds me of the old episode of the Twilight Zone entitled “To Serve Man”

    Check it out if you haven’t seen it………

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is a REAL classic, and good connection! That’s actually how I hear Klaatu’s final speech if I don’t pretend its a script written by a guy who probably thought Stalin got a lot of things right.

      Klaatu is simply the lead scout attempting to convince the Earthlings to give up peacefully. Likely what follows in the next few months is the armada and the slave ships. 🙂

  5. HerrBGone says:

    “Resistance is futile!” “But I don’t want to be assimilated…” [/Prince of Swamp Castle voice]

  6. Roadkill says:

    This makes me long for a sequel where humanity has learned what its up against, and works hard together surpasses the static intergalactic space commies and goes and busts some heads. There’s just something magical around the concept of humanity conquering the stars.

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