The Other Way, Actually

From the CSGV Twitter

Hunting is a dying tradition. Which is why NRA needs to sell assault rifles and “carry” guns to survive.

First up I can’t speak for the validity of the statement that “Hunting is dying”. Certainly with urban sprawl, and the fact that very few of us hunt specifically for food (Tho I’m sure most of us have Grand Parents, or Great Grand Parents, or maybe even Parents who kept from going hungry by shooting game animals). Its a game, and with permits, classes, diminishing land and crazy regulation, its becoming a hobby that isn’t easy to get into.

Now let’s not confuse the fallacy that the NRA “Sells” guns, but they are spending much more time pushing firearms suited for carry and self defense, and pushing for rights to use defensive guns.

Of course part of that is that more gun companies are getting into the carry gun and defensive gun market because #1. More states are allowing carry, and more people are carrying arms than ever before, and the law is becoming more liberal with allowing for self defense. #2. More modern rifles like the AR-15 can very easily fill the role of a hunting rifle, so if indeed hunting is in decline and guns like the AR-15 are cutting into the market traditionally occupied by more traditional hunting rifles, less of the older hunting guns are being sold.

But also if hunting is getting less popular than defensive shooting, its forcing groups like the NRA which has been maligned in the past as an organization that has hidden behind hunting rather than focusing on the meat of the 2nd Amendment. You see George Washington didn’t cross the Delaware River to get to his duck blind.

The anti-gun groups also hide behind hunting. It was recent enough for all of us to remember John Kerry going goose hunting to attempt to sway gun owners to look away from all the gun bans he supported as a Massachusetts Solon. Last election Anti-Gun candidate Mitt Romney also talked about hunting as a reason to see him as a friend to gun owners. Also last election American Hunters and Shooters was created as a false-flag to get President Obama elected.

“I’m a hunter…” does not mean you support the 2nd Amendment…and in a leading statement like that can often mean you’re outright hostile to the right to keep and bear arms. Joan Peterson claims to not be anti-gun because her husband is a hunter. She supports confiscation of lawfully held firearms, but since her hubby has a couple of duck and deer guns, that means we should trust her, right?

Sorry Ladd, the NRA is more friendly to self-defense arms over “hunting guns” because the word is out that REAL gun owners are all in this game together, and we can’t play favorites on which guns we should restrict and which are allowed, as we know now you won’t stop until they are ALL BANNED!

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  1. Oh, hunting is dying. That’s why I saw that flattop AR-15 in Mossy Oak in Wal-Mart.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Maybe I wasn’t clear. Hunting sure isn’t “Dying” for damn sure, and it will NEVER be dead as we will always have nuisance species, and it will just take one person with an above-room-temperature IQ to figure out you can pay an exterminator to thin the problem…or you can have sportsmen PAY to get permits to help out.

      That being said I’ve heard a lot about it being in decline from decades past, not sure if its true or not, but I partially assumed it was for the sake of argument.

      • I wasn’t clear, my friend. My comment was directed at CSGV, or whatever idiot thinks hunting is dying because the guns used to hunt are changing. My apologies for dropping a snark grenade to close to your position.

  2. The US shooting public is undergoing a population shift. The number of hunters is dropping. The growth of a more urban and suburban shooting base has lead to more emphasis on carry and defense. What a shock that the nation’s leading firearms association reflects that! The sad thing is that CSGV thinks it’s because the NRA is leading people around by the nose when in fact it’s the NRA’s membership base that is driving the organization.

    CSGV doesn’t seem to understand that the NRA is a member-driven organization. It’s money and political clout comes from the massive membership base. NRA makes it’s money with those people’s dues, advertising in their membership’s free print pubs, and pimping out the membership database for NRA affiliated products like insurance and credit cards. The political clout comes from motivating a million-strong member base on gun issues. And of course the member base also can vote on the NRA leadership which means the leaders tend to reflect the members.

    In comparison the gun-ban organizations aren’t member driven. They’re largely funded by trust funds, foundations, and small numbers of very wealthy donors like Bloomberg. Organizationally, they’re run from the top down by staffers.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      CSGV assumes the NRA feeds its members their opinions, because CSGV (and the majority of left-wing groups) operate that way.

  3. MattW says:

    The whole point they are trying to make is flawed. Defensive shooting and shooting sports are not on the rise due to the NRA. They were late to that party. The NRA, however, has HAD to start shifting their target membership away from the traditional hunters because proportionally hunting is becoming a smaller percentage of the reason for gun ownership. So CSGV is right that the NRA has shifted its focus to include other types of shooters. But is definitely wrong about the reasons. Hunting is not dying, but is shrinking as a percentage of gun purchases.

    Twisting facts to fit a paradigm, typical.

  4. Maddmedic says:

    I think not…
    Hunters buying equipment and licenses contributed 8 Billion yes BILLION dollars to improving hunting habitat and related DNR type stuff.
    These idjits CSGV need to go to Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Fleet Farm before and during hunting season, fishing etc.
    Then they would maybe, just maybe have a clue…
    There are two Cabela’s within an hours driving distance of me. one on I35 one on I94.
    They are both busy. All of the time and it is not just “guns” leaving the stores…
    That reminds gotta go pick some gear up!! Muzzleloader Deer Season is ON!!!

  5. Braden Lynch says:

    Duh, I have no independent thoughts. I do as the NRA instructs me. I am an automaton.

    Sorry CSGV, you’re the group with the zombies and group-think, who are averse to any independent thought or examination of the facts and the real-world. Just keep lying and we’ll keep hitting you upside the head with reality.

  6. wrm says:

    While gun sales means growth, lack of gun sales does not mean demise. Guns, after all, don’t wear out much.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well the big factor is number of hunting tags issued for popular species. But yeah If I wanted to zap a Bambi tomorrow I could do a HELL of a lot worse than my wife’s Grandfather’s old deer rifle. Not to mention all my old military C&R guns that will put a deer on the ground as good as any blastomatic-9000 ever would.

      Still to do so means I’d need tags, and those are issued per season…

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  8. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Yeah, I have plenty of things I could demise a deer with, no problem. A couple of them even have wood stocks. They’re still scary looking military ones, though.

  9. Silverevilchao says:

    Hunting is dying? Funny, the University was practically deserted on the day deer hunting season opened. And the weekend following that day, too.

  10. Gnarly Sheen says:

    “But yeah If I wanted to zap a Bambi tomorrow I could do a HELL of a lot worse than my wife’s Grandfather’s old deer rifle. ”

    ‘Round these parts, we use cars.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL Yeah I read somewhere that the American White Tailed Deer is the most dangerous animal in North America simply because of auto-strikes.

      Add that to the fact that they’re tasty, gives all the reasons anybody would need to kill them!

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