Another Neat Option

This seems to be a similar idea to what was accomplished with the Remora Holster. How do you carry if you can’t or won’t pack a big holster.

Enter the Vanguard and Vanguard II

The First Generation Vanguard seems interesting. Her methods of using it for purse or bag carry seems like a solid idea (REMEMBER! ALWAYS use a holster, even when carrying in a bag or other off-body method!) I could also see it as a method for improved “Mexican Carry” (Have a read of this article, the term came up the other night at the dinner, and I noticed a few people get quiet when they thought I was maligning Mexicans, the exact opposite) with the gun tucked into your waistband with the cord looped around your belt or a belt-loop if you go without a belt like I do. Also if your gun decides to do a Plaxico , and slip into your pants, not only will the vanguard keep your trigger covered as you adjust it, but also it may even keep it from rattling down your pants. (Tho it is likely not designed for such duty)

The second one seems much more purpose built as a simple deep-concealment type holster. It certainly allows many of the benefits of Mexican Carry without any of the drawbacks…with the exception that now you NEED a belt to anchor that loop on. Still the adjustability looks outstanding, and it looks like it can conceal everything VERY well.

Personally for my big issue with traditional waistband carry the Remora wins hands down as I don’t traditionally wear a belt so I’m just looking for a safe and secure way to stick guns and ammo under my waistband and hop out the door. Still this is an interesting holster and I suspect a few of you might see a lot of use in either.

Anything that makes carrying your guns easier is better!

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    2 Concerns. A) Doesn’t look like it’ll work if you have a Light or Laser attached on the Front Rail. But then you you’ve probably gone beyond “Pocket Carry.” B) Re-holstering does NOT look Easy. Remember, a lot of times, one may pull out the Pistol to be ready in Condition Orange, then if the Threat Level Drops back down to Yellow, putting the Pistol back and out of Sight seems Complicated. Things to Think About.

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