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So you remember I got a set of holsters from Remora. The Mag carrier is really the one I plan on getting the most use of is the mag carrier as a way to pack a pair of extended reloads for my PM45 when I just don’t have the pockets for packing a spare mag. Still last night I got home from work, changed into my workout clothes and worked out. I knew last night my duties were to have dinner on the table for when the Mrs. came home and then we were going to pick up an order at Home Depot.

Generally since I know it’ll just be a quick hop out the door, I would generally just throw my PM45 into my pocket….and if I had the magazines the double-mag carrier, and be ready to go. As I put my PM45 into my pocket I was thinking of where I’d throw my extra 5-round reload (Note to people with small autos looking at Remora Mag carriers, the pouch is about the same size as most full-size mag carriers. When I put the 5-rounder into the carrier it SWALLOWS it down to the base pad. This is sub optimal as you won’t be able to get a positive grip on the mag before pulling it free.) and I realized I had a way to carry five extra rounds:

Yeah it’s the wife’s holster, but I don’t think she’ll mind! So I stoked up gun and put it in my waistband.

Just like the mag carrier placing the holster is amazingly easy. I undid my pants, put the holster and gun where I felt it should be, then button up my pants. The holster grips to my pants and my skin enough that it doesn’t even slip or slide with my pants undone! My first big thrill is that with no belt loops you get close to unlimited adjustment. I prefer to wear a gun at about 4:00 behind my right hip, when you have a belt holster you have to place the loops between your belt loops, and a good holster won’t easily slide along your belt, but with the remora I was able to make all sorts of fine adjustments for comfort and concealability. Note we’re not just talking where on your waist, but how the holster rides. If you want to cant the holster body for a better draw or more comfort, you can do that. I also started with the holster tucked so the lip of the holster was just above my waistline, but I adjusted it to give me a bit more of a high-rise.

with the holster set just-so I decided to try a draw stroke. The holster offers good retention but a nice clean release. reaching back I found the re-enforced mouth indeed was still open. Since my revolver was loaded, I quickly unloaded it, and practiced a few draws and reholstering. Reholstering isn’t as clean as with some of the more substantial kydex or leather, or leather with a metal bracket holsters. The mouth DOES collapse SOME but not enough to preclude one-hand holstering, and never once did I need to prop the mouth open when the holster was in my pants. Its just not as rigid materiel as cow or horse hide, or as injection molded kydex. Its not supposed to be. I will say that if you’re looking at a holster from Remora drop the small bit of extra money for the re-enforced mouth models.

OK so the holster works, live ammo back in the gun, gun back into the holster, and let’s cook dinner.

So while cooking dinner I was bending, reaching, and I even had to run downstairs to grab something out of the freezer that I had forgotten, while I was cooking stuff on the stove.

The holster didn’t move. I did realize that I don’t own many shirts long enough to conceal a IWB rig. I’ll need to look into that, but I suspect the ENDO apparel line has an ideal cut for this.

I will say when sitting for dinner and driving to the store I re-thought the validity of the high-rise, the but of the gun was bumping the seat. I’ll wear it lower next time.

The rest is boring, I went to home depot, I walked around, I sat around, I lifted heavy things, I moved furniture and I drove.

The holster didn’t move a bit. And no I wasn’t wearing a belt!

I then drew the gun, unloaded it, and tried again a few reps of drawing and reholstering. Works like a charm.

These are very short tests that I will expand on some. I doubt I’ll be switching any time soon to IWB carry when shoulder and pocket works so well for me….but the IWB Mag carrier has gobs of good potential, also I may consider getting their re-enforced holster with Sweat shield for my commander 1911 just out of pure curiosity. Also the wife is interested in trying hers out, she just hasn’t had a chance to start the field trials.

One other thing. When I had my Kahr in its pocket holster, and the 642 in the Remora I compared them. The Remora is much wider than the DeSantis or Uncle Mike’s holsters I have for a J-Frame. I don’t think the J-Frame model would make a good pocket holster unless you have MUCH bigger pockets than I do.

That being said if you carry a small auto like a .380 or a .32, or maybe a micro-9 like the Kahr PM9/CM9 it COULD be a holster that would work equally as well as a pocket holster OR an IWB. Seems somebody was looking for something like that.

Give them a look, their inexpensive, high-quality, and they work as advertized, which is impressive!

So yeah, awesome holsters.

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  1. The thing I love about the Remora is how easy it is to grab and go. My Crossbreed which I love and is a good holster is a bit of an ordeal to put on and off. If I know I have stick my holster on, leave it there allay the Crossbreed is great, but I am a mom and I work out, so I am in and out of gun free zones and clothes allday. My gun is very secure in the holster and there is no fumbling when I take it “off” and put it back on, plus it has a small enough profile that I can stick it in my car safe without taking my gun out of the holster. I carry behind my left hop and regardless of what IWB holster I wear, when I sit in my car, I have to adjust it a little to be comfortable. Much easier to move this holster then any of the others I had. I actually prefer an OWB, but don’t have one that works well for conceal carry. Sending more peeps to check out your review.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep there’s a LOT to be said about a “grab-and-go” setup. Its one reason why I like my J-frame so much, even tho I consider the Kahr better in every way (except weight which the 642 still beats it out, and the Ruger LCR is even lighter at the same price point). But the J-Frame it takes me seconds to drop 5 rounds in the wheel, stuff it in a pocket holster (or the Remora) and stick it in your pants and get out the door.

      Its one thing to get up in the morning and arm-up for the day in the biggest and best gun for the day, but there are times when we need to go out when we didn’t expect to, and just like how we wear our safety belt when we make a quick trip across town as we do when we go for a cross-state drive, we should carry ALL the time, because if we knew when we’d encounter danger we just wouldn’t go there!

      BTW “Grab and Go” might be the term I’m looking for, I may have to use that for such guns and rigs.

  2. George says:

    Duluth Trading has a series of T-shirts called the “Longtail” that are cut extra long. They are made from a heavier cotton blend than normal shirts, too. Perfect for concealed carry.

  3. SGB says:

    My concern was retention. Someone told me it wasn’t good at all but if you are saying retention is good I’ll probably try one.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      At least with this re-enforced J-frame unit, as well as the mag pouch, I can put the gun or mag in the unit and invert them and they won’t fall out, and that’s without the tension of my pants holding onto the gun too.

      That’s a pass with flying colors in my book.

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  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Duluth Trading Gear is pretty good. But Cabela’s sells some of their clothing in the “Tall” sizes also. Michael Bane did a Vid a couple of years ago saying that if you want to CC your weapon, get the “Tall” size when buying clothing, even if you aren’t “Tall.”

  6. bogie says:

    I like the Remora for my Sig 239, but can only use it on weekend. Why? because for a woman to go to the bathroom, she has to remove the hoster and put it somewhere before sitting down (you guys are so lucky that you don’t have to worry about that every time you go!). The bathroom doesn’t have any shelves or other places besides the flore to place it, and that doesn’t work for me (don’t want someone walking in and noticing). So I still carry my Taurus .380 in a true IWB, tuckable holster.

    When I get a chance though, I will be looking into variations of the Remora so that I can carry the Sig every day

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Have you seen this video?

      Might be able to remove the holster and gun as a unit and set it in the pocket created by your pants.

      Yeah I hear you tho. I always make it a point to do #2 while carrying in a holster before it becomes my EDC.

      One reason why I love shoulder carry so much. You don’t even NEED pants to carry this way! 8)

      • I don’t want to be to graphic here, but the way the Remora is made, I can use a public restroom and hold the gun in one hand, secured in the holster, do the little whipey thing with the other hand, stand up and secure the holster right back in place. I actually prefer it to my other holsters that remain on my jeans because I have to do that spread the knees apart thing and make sure it doesn’t fall out. My crossbreed for instance doesn’t have any retention, so if I am not careful to hold onto it just right, the gun can slide right out. Although, a bit awkward, I would suggest practicing in the privacy of your own home with any holster and gun(empty of course) first, but honestly, the Remora is very convienent.

  7. Crapgame says:

    I can’t remember where I read the review on remora holsters yesterday, but she mentioned that you can use a safety pin on the mag carriers to make it easier to carry smaller magazines.

    I’m glad to see they have one with a reinforced top. I picked up one without it, and I’ve been reluctant to use it because of the annoyance of re-holstering.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Since you have one, does the mouth totally close when the gun is removed?

      Yeah given that I find it VERY hard to place the holster without undoing my pants.

      Of course I will say that overall reholstering isn’t my top priority, as if I ever have to use my gun, I want that gun in my hand until the Police arrive, and then when I see police cars or responding officers I’d rather my gun get scratched up from bouncing off the pavement than have the police officer sweep me with my own gun as he removes it from the holster and have an ND because I use a gun different than his duty gun.

      Of course I have a HUGE phobia of getting shot with my own gun from cops doing unnecessary administrative handling of my gun.

      • Crapgame says:

        Yes, it closes up pretty completely. I agree that there’s not a lot of worry about re-holstering in a real-life situation, but it’s still a bit of a headache. My friend Gunnutmegger thinks that one with a kydex reinforced rim might impair concealibility, but I haven’t tested it at all.

  8. bogie says:

    Thanks for the tips, from WB and AGAHG – I’ll check out the video too!

  9. Joat says:

    For shirts that run long check our, I’m taller than average (5′ 14″ and 1/8 of a ton) and their 2x shirt covers a OWB holster, and it is long enough to stay tucked in when I’m not hiding.

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  11. Old Windways says:

    It seems like a neat product, but how much were you motivated to check it out by its namesake? It sounds appropriately named, and right up your alley.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL! Actually not at all. Nope I was 100%hoping motivated by A Girl and her Gun’s review, and I think they looked a little better than Sticky Holsters.

      But yeah, I dig fish names!

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